Protesting Civil Defense Volunteers Demand to Meet Minister


A group of members and volunteers of the Civil Defense continue to block the road near the Interior Ministry in Beirut since Thursday, demanding that the Cabinet recruits them as paid full-time jobs, the National News Agency reported on Friday.

The campaigners slept their night in open air on the pavement facing the Ministry, said NNA.

They insist on meeting Interior Minister Mohammed Fahmi “to explain their demands requiring full-time employment,” said the agency.

Late in 2015 the cabinet adopted decrees for the appointment of the head and members of the Civil Defense Directorate.

However it failed to pass decrees related to the full-employment of volunteers although it vowed to address the issue in coming meetings.

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Thumb s.o.s 05 June 2020, 16:36

LoL they’re dreaming. The morally and financially bankrupt State can’t afford hiring anyone.... for a long long time.