Aoun Urges Auditing as Wazni Says Auditing Firm Has Ties to Israel


President Michel Aoun on Tuesday asked Cabinet why a decision taken three months ago to audit the central bank’s accounts is yet to be implemented.

“Concentrated auditing can unveil the real reasons that led the financial and monetary situations to the current state, in addition to revealing the accurate figures of the central bank’s budget, the revenue and loss account and the remaining foreign currency reserves,” Aoun said.

Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni meanwhile told Cabinet that the auditing of the central bank’s accounts has not taken place because the chosen foreign firm might leak information to Israel, drawing the objections of several ministers, who argued that Cabinet had discussed the matter in several sessions before taking its final decision in March, media reports said.

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Thumb thepatriot 30 June 2020, 21:12

OMG this is a circus...
Pathetic incompetent people...

Thumb doodle-dude 30 June 2020, 21:28

lol @ Auditing Firm Has Ties to Israel

Missing samiam 01 July 2020, 07:56

Took 3 months to come up with that excuse---getting more and more pathetic and desperate.

Missing rabiosa 01 July 2020, 17:36

Again more excuse to not do reforms.

Missing arturo 01 July 2020, 18:22

All the major and reputable accounting forms have affiliates in Israel given Israel's prominence in the tech and bio startups. Aoun must have some relatives in the accounting field he can trust.