Report: Diab Doesn't Intend to Quit, Govt. Reshuffle Not Imminent


Prime Minister Hassan Diab does not intend to resign, because he refuses to “evade his responsibility” and plunge the country into “the unknown,” ministerial sources said.

In remarks to al-Joumhouria newspaper published Friday, the sources added that a government reshuffle is not currently on the table.

“Diab can resign only in one case, which is securing domestic and external consensus on the new government and its premier,” the sources clarified.

“Any other premier is required to bring billions of dollars from the international community to Lebanon and to put an end to the siege imposed on it, and if someone who can do so can be found, Diab will not hesitate to sacrifice and resign for the sake of Lebanon,” the sources said.

“But he cannot accept to be asked to leave only to be replaced by someone else,” the sources went on to say.

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Thumb tric.portugal 03 July 2020, 13:03

Hariri must be arrested

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 03 July 2020, 14:43

If he doesn't want to quit, there is another way to get rid of him : parliament can vote a motion of no-confidence in the government, otherwise the street will boil with massive anger and violence.

Missing rabiosa 04 July 2020, 18:48

As if he has a say if quits or not. LOL