Bassil Hits Out at Hariri, Urges Salameh to Rein in Dollar


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Friday hit out at ex-PM Saad Hariri and said the political settlement that led to President Michel Aoun's election is over.

"First of all, I had said on February 14 that (Hariri's return to power) will be difficult and will take a long time," Bassil tweeted.

"Secondly, we never made a settlement over corruption and we never will. What we do are understandings," Bassil added.

"Thirdly, we're done with the settlement for which we paid a hefty price," he said.

Bassil added: "What's important today is for the government to make reforms, parliament to approve them and the central bank governor to rein in the dollar."

On February 20, Bassil had tweeted, addressing Hariri: "Whatever you do or say, you won't be able to target me. No matter how I am, I won't accept to be like you. Some values and principles separate us, but national accord will bring us together again. You went too far but you'll come back, but the difference is that the return path will be longer and more difficult for you."

On Thursday, Hariri said he has "conditions" to return as premier.

Asked whether these conditions include the exclusion of Bassil from the Cabinet't line-up, Hariri said: "They know my conditions."

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Thumb whyaskwhy 03 July 2020, 17:26

What a giant garden gnome you are...

Thumb canadianleb 03 July 2020, 17:52

why must you insult Garden Gnomes everywhere?

Missing samiam 03 July 2020, 18:07

So, no one wants to work for him or with him. That says something.

Thumb s.o.s 03 July 2020, 19:43

Hang this crook and his criminal family NOW!

ثورة. ثورة. ثورة

Missing un520 03 July 2020, 20:11

"Reign in the dollar!" Its the gravity of economics, sooner or later we were bound to pay the price for the corruption and theft. I would like Mr Bassil to give us a detaled account of how he went from working class to the elite. After doing this, he is entitled to accuse others of corruption. Come on, what have you got to loose?

Thumb zahle_nights007 03 July 2020, 21:04

Go die you little corrupted man... P.S. take your father-in-law with you.

Thumb janoubi 03 July 2020, 22:31

فيديو مؤلم لسيدة تتصل بقصر بعبدا: وعّو للبابا متنا الجوع!فيديو-مؤلم-لسيدة-تتصل-بقصر-بعبدا-وعّو-ل/

Thumb s.o.s 03 July 2020, 23:04

“ Izza’l baba ba3do neyim wa3oo “

He isn’t a baba, he’s a khiryeh.

The poor woman is probably going to get death threats, he’ll dispatch Hassan’s goons to deal with her.

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 04 July 2020, 02:35

Bassil is one of the worst political crooks & thieves in Lebanon. He has some nerve to lash out like this on Hariri.

Thumb Geralt 04 July 2020, 10:06

For the next poor soul that wishes to commit suicide, please take this gnome with you if possible, or anyone of his beloved entourage (but being the psychopath that he is, it won't harm him if one of his family members got killed, he will use it as a political propaganda)!

Missing rabiosa 04 July 2020, 18:47

These people have absolute zero common sense when it comes to economics. I am no economist, but what the F does the can the central bank do to reign in the $$$.

Get the governments hand over the economy, reign in the crooks of the exchange bureaus, stop smuggling, stop fronting money for fuel, wheat, stop adding taxes and go collect from the ones that owe millions, sell you state assets that in complete disaster and costing billions every year like EDL.

Liberate the economy.