Hassan Expects ‘Shocking’ Rise in COVID-19 Due to Repatriations


Health Minister Hamad Hassan on Thursday said he expects a “shocking” rise in COVID-19 coronavirus cases due to the repatriation of thousands of Lebanese expats.

“The number of coronavirus cases will be striking but that is closely linked to repatriating Lebanese expats,” said Hassan at a joint press conference held with Education Minister Tarek Majzoub and President of the Lebanese University, Fouad Ayyoub.

The press conference was held against the backdrop of a COVID-19 case in which a student at the Lebanese University tested positive for the virus.

“The Lebanese University took all necessary steps regarding disinfecting the building and will run tests on the students who got in contact with the infected student,” said Majzoub.

“We will soon issue a health protocol to keep up with the upcoming academic year, and will soon launch with the Minister of Health and related authorities a plan to return to schools, institutes and universities,” he added.

For his part, Ayyoub said: “Exceptional and bold measures were taken at the University," to prevent the spread of the virus.

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