Diab: Govt. Has Honored Policy Statement, No Intention to Change Economic System


The government has “honored its Policy Statement” and it does not intend to “change the free economic system,” Prime Minister Hassan Diab said on Thursday.

“We will carry on with our work and we have the courage to say everything we think of, without any political or private motive or interest,” Diab said at the beginning of a Cabinet session.

“The government has committed to its Policy Statement, we have a full list of the finalized files and the pending files, and we are ready to explain in detail to anyone who has a desire to know the truth,” the PM added.

“We have decided to audit the central bank’s accounts including a forensic audit as a first step, and I’m with expanding this audit to include all state institutions,” Diab went on to say.

Welcoming objective criticism because it “rectifies the government’s work,” the premier decried that some critique is not based on this principle.

Responding to remarks by ex-PM Saad Hariri, Diab added: “This government does not have the intention to change the free economic system, but the problem lies in understanding the concept of the free economic system, whether it is the prevalent ‘free economic chaos’ in the country or perhaps the system of ‘free waste of funds.’”

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