Hasan Says Country, Airport Won't be Shut Down over Virus Resurgence


Health Minister Hamad Hasan announced Monday that the government has no imminent plans to reimpose a broad lockdown despite the spike in coronavirus cases.

“The airport and the country won’t be shut down, life will go on and the measures must be followed responsibly,” Hasan said.

He also called for slapping fines on those who violate quarantine rules and contribue to the spread of the pandemic, while urging citizens and residents to avoid mixing as much as possible.

Transport Minister Michel Najjar for his part stressed to MTV that the airport will not be shuttered.

Lebanon on Sunday recorded 166 virus infections, the highest daily tally of confirmed cases since the first case was recorded on February 21.

Hasan said Sunday that high tallies were expected over the coming days, blaming the surge on infections among the workers of a major cleaning services company.

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