France Seeks Cooperation from Iran, Russia on Lebanon


French President Emmanuel Macron spoke Wednesday to the leaders of Russia and Iran and urged them to cooperate with the rest of the international community to restore stability in Lebanon.

While Iran and Russia are important power players in the region and have offered Lebanon aid since last week's devastating explosion, neither participated in an international donors' conference Sunday organized by France and the U.N. to help rebuild Beirut.

Macron visited Beirut in the wake of the blast and offered broad support for the former French protectorate.

Speaking with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, whose country backs Lebanon's Hizbullah, Macron said the region's major powers should avoid interfering or escalating tensions in Lebanon as it forms a new government, according to Macron's office.

And speaking with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Macron suggested that Russia should support Lebanon via collective efforts at the U.N. Security Council instead of through bilateral aid.

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Thumb gebran_sons 12 August 2020, 21:45

President Macron, we respect you and thank France for its help. But please hear the Lebanese people clear voice: We don't want any of the old politicians. There are no recovery or future for Lebanon without disarming Hizb. All existing politicians will make a deal with Hizb and the devil to stay in power. Your attempts to refloat them will hurt all lebanese and this unique chance we have for real democracy and civility. Kelon yaani kelon. Listen to the people!

Thumb tric.portugal 12 August 2020, 21:57

and the interest of wis own country is the interest of the Saudis, the Lords of Paris...

Thumb 12 August 2020, 21:50

France, do not negotiate with Iran and their Hezbollah trash. If you do , you will lose the people’s support.

Thumb tric.portugal 12 August 2020, 21:57

France only dialogue with the Daesh...France promiss to the Daesh that he will go transmit they message to the Cristhians in Lebanon, in special, to the Head of the Cristhians in the lebanese political system...Convert or Die...

Thumb tricportugal. 12 August 2020, 22:43

Yea yea Gotta! Only Macron himself is allowed to play the Savior of the country! Lol... Screw you Kiddo

Thumb tricportugal. 12 August 2020, 22:48

I just realizeded that I halves not offereded my condolencias two te catholics Cristhians in Lebanon. Maybees I will does it later..

Thumb tricportugal. 12 August 2020, 22:49

Maybees I will not!!!

Missing kazan 12 August 2020, 23:02

it is a disgrace for a sovereign and respectful country to allow foreign countries to be involved and to settle their interior affairs. And this is not new ,since the independence of Lebanon ,the government has been patronized by foreigners . And why? Simple : the sectarian differences are strengthened and accentuated in the constitution.;hatred and distrust is the result. Solution? Easy, before focussing on finding new players start by changing the foundation first.

Thumb whyaskwhy 13 August 2020, 03:09

Agree with you Kazan Iran should stop interfiering in all the middle Eastern countries.

Missing leucistic9724 13 August 2020, 00:58

Macron is a bad joke! He is suffering from the same ‘disease’ like all the former French presidents- he doesn’t understand a thing about the Middle East. If he is going to Iran, don’t count on his help

Missing levant 13 August 2020, 03:10

Two of the worlds satans iran and russia including turkey and china trouble makers of the world. All poor all obsessed with supremacy and weapons and all authoritarian failed wannabe states.

Missing Samir8 13 August 2020, 03:59

This is disrespectful.

Missing britrich 13 August 2020, 07:40

Let’s look at it as the beginning of the end of the big mess.

Missing levant 13 August 2020, 10:36

Sorry but under the Christians in the 50's 60's and early 70's Lebanon was on an upward trajectory, development, advancement infrastructure compared to every other country in the region. The Lebanese didn't call it Switzerland and Paris of the Middle East...the outside world called it that for a reason! was the civil war then the 'Islamic' revolution in iran, which is their own satanic version, that stuffed Lebanon and the whole region.

Missing opinion101 13 August 2020, 13:33

Guys we should all respect each other as lebanese regardless of views or opinions

The issue for Lebanon in my opinion is economic and stability. Unfortunately at this point in time I don't believe the East can provide this hence why I believe the West is the answer right now therefore we should be playing by their rules