Bassil Supports 'Clean Trial' over Port Blast, Welcomes Foreign Assistance


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Thursday said the FPM wants to “unveil the truth behind the port explosion.”

“We want a swift probe and a clean trial for every negligent person or culprit as well as a fair verdict that does justice to the Lebanese people,” Bassil tweeted.

“Down with overbidding, seeing as we welcome every support and assistance from friendly countries in order to expedite the investigation, increase its effectiveness and guarantee its transparency, and this is underway through the presence of foreign experts of several nationalities,” the FPM leader added.

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Missing samiam 13 August 2020, 20:25

he really should learn to keep his mouth shut---he already said on CNN that he didn't support an international effort to get to the truth, so he is trying to make himself look less bad.

Missing kazan 13 August 2020, 20:52

Without any doubt the port blast is a catastrophe and should never be forgotten and the responsibles should be punished. It is strange to notice that all potential responsibles are the ones pointing fingers and trying to coordinate the investigation! how low can you go?

Thumb s.o.s 13 August 2020, 20:56

akeed, w inta malik el bosta.

I urge you to stop using my name and avatar.

Thumb lebnanfirst 14 August 2020, 08:13

Must admit, he fooled me. Thought you changed avatars.

Thumb s.o.s 14 August 2020, 16:50

He’s a pain in the neck. I wish naharnet would cancel him.

Thumb canadianleb 13 August 2020, 21:11

If there is any justice in this world this clown will be hung in public for everybody to see

Missing logik 13 August 2020, 21:42

The only institutions to blame for the systematic destruction of the people are news agencies and media channels who, despite this catastrophe and considering their so-called position towards this monkey & co., they still allow and give time to these filthy bastards to speak! This is a war against the people!

Thumb thepatriot 13 August 2020, 22:40

What a fool.... unbelievable ...

Thumb canadianleb 13 August 2020, 22:51

If this is article is true they are selling the country to the Palestinians

Thumb s.o.s 14 August 2020, 01:54

Don't buy this BS, 172.000 Palestinians can't own Lebanon. It's a typical article written to trigger fear within the Christian community in order to empower Aoun and cie in these dire times.

Missing Samir8 14 August 2020, 04:34

Canadianleb, why would lebanese politicians buy those houses for anyone but themselves? I.e as an investment to rebuild and then sell to whoever offers the best offer (lebanese or not) when the time is right. I don't understand how you reached that conclusion? If you dont mind elaborating then please do.

Missing levant 14 August 2020, 01:33

irrelevant trying very hard to remain relevant. The USA and France will be showing you how irrelevant and evil you are. You are the devil made man. TFEH you iranian ass licker and the definition of corrupt. Hang your head in shame you nothing. Filth personified.

Missing levant 14 August 2020, 07:19

Basil oooooozes corruption, slyness, crooked---he has no idea he's currently the least marketable politician to hit the Lebanese stage...along sideany hizbi monkey, berri, arslan, sayed and wahab....would you buy a car from any of them let alone entrust your country to them? Sleaziness at its finest.