UAE Repeals Law Imposing Israel Boycott


The United Arab Emirates announced Saturday it had repealed legislation imposing a boycott of Israel after the two countries struck a US-brokered deal to normalise relations.

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan issued a federal decree "abolishing the Federal Law No. 15 of 1972 regarding boycotting Israel and the penalties thereof", the official WAM news agency reported.

"It will be permissible to enter, exchange or possess Israeli goods and products of all kinds in the UAE and trade in them."

The UAE will be the first Gulf state and only the third Arab country to establish full diplomatic ties with Israel -- a move condemned by the Palestinians as a betrayal.

Companies and individuals in the UAE may now enter into agreements with firms or individuals residing in Israel, WAM reported. 

As part of the agreement announced by US President Donald Trump earlier this month, Israel agreed to suspend planned annexations in the occupied West Bank, although Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu quickly insisted the plans remained on the table.

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Missing kazan 29 August 2020, 13:40

Strategic steps driven by economic motives. Meaning on the expense of the Palestinians? you never know, maybe one day ,because of the Lebanese continuous hostile way of life, the 2 world superpower will be sick of it and will decide that Lebanon under the supervision of the UN will become a country for all international refugees.

Thumb chrisrushlau 30 August 2020, 20:34

UAE has laws?

Thumb whyaskwhy 29 August 2020, 14:15

Kazan lebanon has more than paid its share for the Palestinians. We need to move on we cannot stay in hostility for the next millinium to gain nothing.

Missing kazan 29 August 2020, 15:06

I sincerely hope so, after all I have relatives and dear friends living there.

Missing phillipo 29 August 2020, 18:21

What exactly is the expense to the Palestinians of the peace between Israel and UAE? The Palestinians are not the slightest bit interested in reaching a peace agreement, They want "pieces of Israel" not "peace with Israel" They want a Palestinian state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan, nothing less.
When you say there, do you mean UAE or Israel.

Missing 30 August 2020, 04:30

Palestinians have shown that they are more supportive of peace than Israel. That could be seen in almost every poll for the last 30 years. The difference is that Israel is interested in a victor peace when Palestinians get pieces of their rights while the Palestinians insist on peace that is rooted in international law and elemental peace of justice. Let me make it clear Phillipo is a liar and a racist. He knowingly lied about the fact (something that was exposed to him again and again) and he is a racist because he denies Palestinians their basic human rights.

Missing kazan 29 August 2020, 19:39

Phillipo, ur reply to me covers your opinion on the Palestinian and a question to me, my reply to you is answering only ur question to me. My previous reply is for whyaskwhy, it should be obvious what I mean by "there" do you agree?

Missing 30 August 2020, 17:44

When there is a just peace or when they are are liberated. Keep repeating the talking points put in front of you. Do you really think the Arab public is dumb! All your Habara will count for nothing. People can see your racism. You justify and support the denial of fundamental human rights to millions of people and then you try to bribe us with a visit to holy sites!

Missing kazan 30 August 2020, 20:36

Hey you don't get it ,I visit them regularly, they live in Lebanon, :) and by the way synagogues ,churches and mosques are for good , honest and intelligent people like you, not for me .

Missing bigjohn 29 August 2020, 19:50

It is the settlers like “Phillipo” who came to Palestine and ethnically cleansed it’s people and the remaining cornered them into Crowded concentration camps. No nation will accept separate and unequal. The world will NOT allow a Jewish minority rule for long in the 21st century. You know that, which is why you are begging for acceptance. Go back to Argentina or where ever the hell you came from because your years are numbered.

Missing arturo 30 August 2020, 04:42

If you believe Israel's days are numbered, give us a time frame. That way we can see if your prediction materializes.

Missing 30 August 2020, 17:46

They Re not numbered because unfortunately there are people like bigjohn who have no clue how to build a modern state.

Missing bigjohn 29 August 2020, 19:52

The tyrant of the UAE thinks that Israeli spy technology will save his rule and protect him from his people. It will bring its demise

Missing 30 August 2020, 17:47

Let us start by building a real country in Lebanon and guess what you cannot do that with a state within a state.

Missing bigjohn 29 August 2020, 20:07

Peace will ONLY exist when there is equality and justice not apartheid and ethnic cleansing. It is the fault of the collaborationist Mahmoud Abbas who thinks he can make peace with Israeli apartheid by negotiating with it, which gave Israel legitimacy. The Palestinians will get a leader like Mandela who will only demand equality for both or there will be Israeli minority Apartheid rule.

Missing cedars 29 August 2020, 21:02

UAE is helping the Palestinians indirectly. Read between the lines...Israel stops invading Palestinians territories but still on the table.
Next all the Palestinians residing in UAE can return to Palestine instead of expanding Israeli and annexing more West Bank land.

Missing awireless 30 August 2020, 15:20

Lol. They are allowed to visit only not migrate.

Man, look at all the Israeli commenting here. Any real Lebanese?

How many years since the Oslo agreement how many settlements the Palestinians were allowed to build in area C to prepare for the return of the refugees? None. How many settlements did the Israeli build to cause a non viable Palestians state in the west bank and Jordan Valley. How many tight government did you have since Rabin? Go figure. Israeli can say B.S. and believe and sell their lies very well. The hold the world hostage post WII and the genocide

Missing 30 August 2020, 06:57

Ironically, Europeans have more neanderthal DNA than most people. But here we go, what fantasies? The fantasy that morality and not betraying the weak are important. Poverty has to do with chronic corruption and inability to understand the principles of a modern state. It has little to do with Israel.

Default-user-icon popi (Guest) 30 August 2020, 14:21

i read your comments and pity you and your flawed logic.
if you believe in land "belonging" to anyone, Israel belongs to the Israelis that lived there 2500 years before the Arabs and the Muslims.
if you believe that lands are won or lost, as a logical person would, then you understand that some win some lose. the Arabs had all the chances to win, but they lost. tough luck. now you have to move on. Israel does not need to "pay" because the Arabs are losers.