Report: President Determined to Help French Initiative Succeed


President Michel Aoun is concerned in making the French initiative succeed and is also determined to reject “sectarianism” in the distribution of ministerial portfolios “including the finance ministry”, Nidaa al-Watan newspaper reported on Saturday.

Sources close to Baabda told the daily “the President expresses determination in rejecting sectarian distribution of ministerial portfolios, including the finance ministry,” which AMAL Movement and Hizbullah insist on retaining.

They said Aoun believes he has a duty to make the French initiative succeed by thwarting the obstacles delaying its formation.

“The President conducted shuttle consultations with various parties to find quick consensual solutions. He will not tolerate watching the French initiative to save the crisis in Lebanon wasted. Shall the stalemate persist, he will take the appropriate decision at the appropriate time,” said the sources.

Moreover, sources familiar with the French effort told the newspaper “Macron is determined to make his initiative succeed and will not back down until achieving his goal, no matter how much effort and time it takes."

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Thumb galaxy 19 September 2020, 17:32

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Thumb gma-bs-artist. 19 September 2020, 23:59

Michel Aoun is reaping what he sowed since 2005. Hezbollah and Amal using on him the same tactics he used for 15 years, and like him they're hiding behind Hezbollah's weapons to get what they want but don't deserve.
لعيون صهر الجنرال ما تتألف الحكومة