Reports: Berri Told to Pick Non-Shiite Figure for Finance Ministry


Speaker Nabih Berri has been asked to name any Sunni, Christian or Druze candidate he approves of for the finance ministerial portfolio, in the latest suggestion aimed at breaking the deadlock and facilitating the formation of the new government, media reports said.

“This would protect the principle of the rotation of portfolios,” Kuwait’s al-Anbaa newspaper quoted unnamed sources as saying in remarks published Sunday, noting that such a move would dissuade the Free Patriotic Movement from insisting on the energy portfolio.

MP Qassem Hashem of Berri’s Development and Liberation bloc meanwhile told the newspaper that “there will be no government without the allocation of the finance portfolio to the dear Shiite sect, on the basis of achieving balance and real partnership.”

“Those seeking a challenge must acknowledge that this norm is unbreakable,” Hashem added.

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Thumb ansarullah 20 September 2020, 14:12

God bless hezbollah and Iran for making the Finance Ministry a Shia right in accordance with the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Shia Shia Shia !!!

Missing mcessen1 20 September 2020, 17:38

You forgot to replace the "a" whith a "t".

Thumb tric.bortugal 21 September 2020, 03:02

Crestin Crestin Crestin !!!
moi no shia et aimee argent. Devient ministre argent liban.

Thumb s.o.s 20 September 2020, 15:10

« Shiite mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan: We will not tolerate the elimination of an entire sect through an American stick and a French carrot. »

So they implicitly acknowledge being donkeys.... finally

Missing phillipo 20 September 2020, 15:25

Berri asked to choose, Aoun demands to choose. Abid refuses to throw in the towel and resign. He will never get the non-political, non-sectarial government that he wants and that Lebanon deserves.

Thumb lebnanfirst 20 September 2020, 20:44

One can turn around and ask you the same question you asked him.

Missing samiam 20 September 2020, 20:23

Thieves trying to hide what they stole---they don't want a new government coming in and looking over how much ali hassan khalil stole from the country and want to steal any new money coming in from CEDRE and the IMF.

Missing arturo 21 September 2020, 03:37

Hezbollah will never let him do that and they control the military and government.