Hassan Recommends Two-Week Total Lockdown as Virus Cases Hit 1,006


Health Minister Hamad Hassan recommended a total two-week lockdown to stem the alarming rise in daily detected coronavirus infections, but authorities say it finds it difficult to impose another lockdown amid an unprecedented economic collapse.

Lebanon registered a record 1,006 cases of COVID-19 over the past 24 hours, the government announced Sunday, amid a sharp increase in infections and deaths due to the new coronavirus.

The new cases registered by the Health Ministry bring the overall number of confirmed cases in Lebanon to 29,303, while deaths have reached 297 since the first case was reported in the country in late February.

It was the third consecutive record-breaking day of confirmed virus cases.

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Default-user-icon ISABELLE AOUN (Guest) 21 September 2020, 12:45

just wondering if it would not be time to give these numbers in term of percentage per capita?

Missing Woody 21 September 2020, 17:44

An increase of 20 cases a day per million inhabitants is the threshold used globally as an indicator of "controlled" pandemic.

As per the latest estimations, Lebanon is the home of 5.5M people. 1,000 cases a day equate 180 cases a day per million. That's 6 times the threshold. I don't have the 7-day moving average but there is a clear indication that we're losing the health battle. Thos 1,000 cases a day will transform to a LOT of dead people in 2 weeks, unfortunately.

Thumb whyaskwhy 22 September 2020, 00:43

You make is sound like the 1k cases are going to be dying daily. Its far less deadly than the media predicted and it will not eradicate people in Lebanon. Just wait till november and it will all be "miraculously" over.