Jumblat Calls for Capitalizing on Hariri's Initiative


Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblat on Wednesday called on the political parties to meet ex-PM Saad Hariri’s initiative in a positive manner.

“It is time to seize the opportunity provided by yesterday’s paper and capitalize on it in order to facilitate the government’s formation away from narrow calculations,” Jumblat tweeted.

Warning that “every minute that passes” without a new government is “not in Lebanon’s interest,” Jumblat urged: “Don’t give the government of pandemic and current disasters more time.”

Hariri had on Tuesday presented an initiative aimed at resolving the deadlock over the finance ministerial portfolio.

He said that he has decided to help PM-designate Mustafa Adib “find an exit through naming an independent finance minister from the Shiite sect who would be chosen by him, similarly to the rest of ministers, on the basis of competency, integrity and non-partisanship.”

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Default-user-icon Maassarani (Guest) 25 September 2020, 12:21

Fully agree