Hariri Laments Adib’s Resignation


Amid a cabinet stalemate preventing PM-designate Mustafa Adib from forming a crisis government, Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri said Lebanese politicians have again presented an example of failure in managing the country.

“Once again, Lebanese politicians present to the world a blatant example of failure in managing public affairs and approaching national interest,” said Hariri in a statement after Adib’s resignation from Baabda Palace.

He said Adib’s mission only failed because of those responsible for obstructing the government formation “who no longer need to be named. They have revealed themselves at home and abroad and for all the brothers and friends who came to Lebanon's rescue after the disaster that befell Beirut.”

“Those rejoicing for the fall of the French President Emmanuel Macron’s initiative will bite their fingers in regret for wasting an exceptional opportunity to stop economic collapse and initiate reforms,” he added.

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Missing cedars 26 September 2020, 14:26

Yes they think trump won't be elected and the evil axis Iran Syria hezb won't be punished...sorry to those kids dying in the water and yes to dividing the country into Shia,Christian and Sunni yes to federalism..

Missing tarikbeirut 26 September 2020, 22:45

How do you propose splitting the country? According to what lines and how do you split it between the FPM/Marada/Qawmi christian mix of maronites and orthodox and the LF/Kataeb maronites?

Thumb s.o.s 26 September 2020, 16:10

Keep on lamenting. We’re only here today, because you, the weakest PM in Lebanon’s history sold your soul and your father's blood to his killers.

Missing rabiosa 26 September 2020, 17:41

Stop making statements ya Saad. Just go away. I have a feeling you just want back in as PM.