Geagea Congratulates Abid for Stepping Down


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea issued a statement on Saturday in which he congratulated PM-designate Mustafa Adib for stepping down “because he could not put his convictions into action.”

“My warm congratulations to PM Adib, even if we had not named him, because he is the first Lebanese official to resign when he saw an inability to translate his convictions,” said Geagea, shortly after Adib’s resignation from Baabda because of a Cabinet impasse.

“The resignation of Adib confirms that a rescue can only be considered with a truly independent government,” he added.

"Nomination of ministers by parties of the current ruling group has proven its failure leading us to where we are today," he added.

"From now onward, it won’t be possible to think of any government except on the grounds for which Adib apologized for," he went on.

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Thumb s.o.s 26 September 2020, 16:17

Congratulations then....let’s celebrate?

Missing thecause 26 September 2020, 16:29

Wow I’m honestly so surprised that Adib stepped down! He didn’t bend over to hezbollahs commands, Hezbollah must be boiling rn!

Missing rabiosa 26 September 2020, 17:37

The complete disintegration of The Banana Republic of Lebanon. A truly classic case of how Failed States would look like.

Default-user-icon John Helou (Guest) 26 September 2020, 20:13

Geagea... a murderer, thug, and thief ...just as rotten as ALL the other Lebanese political us a lesson in conviction...does this guy still take us for fools? Disgusting.

Default-user-icon cocoman (Guest) 27 September 2020, 08:54

Kizb and Amal are Iranian soldouts... They have the nerve of accusing France of interference and they do everything to block the salvation government.

Missing 1948 27 September 2020, 12:10

the people of Lebanon voted for these MP's Geagea should stop whining and move to Israel