Berri Schedules Legislative Session for Wednesday-Thursday


Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri on Monday scheduled a legislative session for Wednesday and Thursday .

The session, which will be held at parliament’s temporary venue at the UNESCO Palace, will discuss 40 draft laws, including those related to general amnesty and illicit enriching.

The session will also tackle an urgent draft law calling for lifting bank secrecy off the accounts of “anyone who has worked in public affairs since 1990.”

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Thumb thepatriot 28 September 2020, 16:13

As if nothing had happened... business as usual for this THUG!

Thumb gebran_sons 28 September 2020, 18:45

Berri and Aoun should be in prison, not in charge of forming new government. No honors in Lebanese if they leave these criminals and associates who raped Lebanon in broad daylight in their office and not bring them to justice.

Thumb s.o.s 28 September 2020, 16:59

When is the next flight to Freetown ? Berri must return to his birth land Sierra Leone, he’s got no business in Lebanon.

Berry Dégage!

Missing rabiosa 28 September 2020, 17:14

I've never seen a parliament in the world where the speaker at a whim calls for sessions, or decides there is parliament till he decides when to call MPs. It's as if it's his own private parliament and all MPs are subject to his wishes. Isn't that what dictators do?

So 40 draft laws? And wait till now to start debating these draft laws. What have you been doing since your last meeting?

Thumb LongLiveLebanon 28 September 2020, 17:55

I have never seen nor heard such hypocrisy. While Berri and his Hezbollah allies have wrecked Mustafa Adib's efforts to form a new government, he is behaving like nothing happened. Berri, Ali Hassan Khalil and others in their entourage are shamefully liable for prioritizing their personal & family interests over those of their country, as President Macron rightfully said. They deserve nothing less than criminal prosecution for corruption, embezzlement and cronyism, to say the least.

Thumb lebnanfirst 28 September 2020, 18:10

If Trump truly wants to shake hizb foundation, sanction Berri.