Erdogan Tells Armenia to End 'Occupation' of Karabakh


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday demanded Armenia put an end to its "occupation" of Nagorny Karabakh after deadly clashes broke out along the border of Azerbaijan's breakaway region.

"The time has come for the crisis in the region that started with the occupation of Nagorny Karabakh to be put to an end," Erdogan said.

"Once Armenia immediately leaves the territory it is occupying, the region will return to peace and harmony," he said in a prepared address.

Armenia and Azerbaijan have been locked in a territorial dispute over the ethnic Armenian region of Nagorny Karabakh for decades, waging a war in the early 1990s that claimed 30,000 lives.

Turkey strongly backs Azerbaijan in the region and has historically poor relations with Armenia.

Erdogan once again blamed Armenia for starting the latest escalation, accusing the United States, Russia and France of failing to properly address the conflict in so-called "Minsk Group" talks.

"They basically did everything they could not to resolve the issue," Erdogan said. 

"Now Azerbaijan must take matters into its own hands."

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Thumb kanaanljdid 28 September 2020, 18:34

End your occupation of Cyprus and Kurdistan you !

Missing sami1911 28 September 2020, 18:51

A very unexpected move by Turkey in favour for the nationalist Lebanese people, by further stretching the axis of the devil, i.e. Iran by making this move. Further your ability to protect your borders with northern Syria agains a regime attack and occupations. This would be the greatest favour you've done for the Lebanese people, by stretching the Iranians to their limits. And now with sanctions imposed and no treasury to loot, dug their own graves, as they are trying to take Lebanon with them to the hole .

We are hoping for further Iranian involvement against American intressets in Iraq so antiiranian sentiment stirs up.

Nothing personal against Armenia and the Armenian people but its time from me to see it from a positive Lebanese perspective in favour for my fellow citizens across confessional lines - Long lives Lebanon.

Thumb s.o.s 28 September 2020, 19:37

Iran tried to get involved in Azerbaijan given that 85% of Azeris are Shia .... but they failed each time because of the USSR heritage and the use of a Turkic language. Religious fanaticism is always crushed whether it’s in Dagestan or Chechnya. However, this is just another dictatorship.... which is no better than Iran . It’s delicate for russia and Turkey as they’re partners in Syria and on opposite sides in Karabakh.

Missing sami1911 29 September 2020, 12:18

Thank you for the history lesson. What you seem to miss out is that what you call a dictatorship is providing its oppressed citizens with electricity 24/7, have free health system, have industries, having a sense of cleaningness, its poor citizens have access to their bankaccounts and can withdraw money as they please. The shores and pavements are clean. When buying groceries, without any risk to get 10 old expired meat, either it being chicken or beef. The list can be long.

I have never in my life seen any people with as low aspirations as the Lebanese people. They have their harts all over the world except in Lebanon. Bridge the transnational confessional issue and formost focus on your situation. Smalla` you seem to be living in a utopia called Lebanon. The greatest dictatorship the world have ever witnessed - ruled by the devil himself.

Missing phillipo 28 September 2020, 19:28

Tell him to his face, the day after you get out of Cyrpus and Kurdistan.

Thumb s.o.s 28 September 2020, 19:32

Why doesn’t israel acknowledge the Armenian genocide which predates the Shoah?

Missing phillipo 28 September 2020, 23:18

It did recently.

Missing 29 September 2020, 00:43

Ironic - Phillipo discussing occupation!

Thumb s.o.s 28 September 2020, 20:52

Reporters earlier this year say Azerbaijan acquired Israel’s SkyStriker drones. According to the Drone Data Book published earlier this year the Azeris also have the Aerostar and Orbiter 3 drone and Harop, Heron TP, Hermes 450 and Hermes 950, all from Israel. It also has the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2.

Missing phillipo 28 September 2020, 23:17


Missing 29 September 2020, 00:45

Phillipo - Always on guard for Israel! No matter what crimes Israel commits. Ethnic cleansing! Who cares! Arming despicable dictators, so what! Helping monstrous regimes spy on and hunt dissidents, what is your point! Illegal settlements! What illegal! Violations of international law! What law!

Thumb s.o.s 28 September 2020, 20:54

UN Security Council Resolutions 822, 853, 874, 884 of 1993 demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the armed forces of Armenia from the occupied territories of Azerbaijan....