Bassil Urges 'Lebanese Way' in Border Talks with Israel


Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil on Thursday said that Lebanon should follow the “Lebanese way” in the border demarcation talks with Israel.

“This time we have to negotiate not according to the Persian way nor according to the Arab way, but rather in our Lebanese way: firmness and flexibility -- the firmness of adhering to rights and flexibility in science and solutions,” Bassil tweeted.

“The issue contains a mixture of sovereignty and resources and we must know how to preserve both and how to reconcile between the two,” the FPM chief, who is a former foreign minister, added.

“Today Lebanon begins a new stage of recovering its rights, but this time through negotiations. If the framework agreement required all that time, effort, domestic solidarity and positive cooperation from those concerned, a (final) agreement requires” the same and even more, Bassil said.

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Thumb enterprise 01 October 2020, 20:18


Missing arturo 01 October 2020, 21:22

Don't think Nasrallah will approve this.

Thumb s.o.s 01 October 2020, 22:37

Talk is cheap.... remember he and Ned Hariri got kickbacks from the French, Russian and Italian companies.... they want to steal our oil and gas.

Missing sami1911 01 October 2020, 23:26

Firstly to NAHARNET, stop deleting my comments, Aib ;), no compromises regarding "democratic principles" and "free speech"!

secondly make the attached clip viral as FPM mercenaries seems to be fighting abroad, a careful tailored clandestine plan by "General" and Basil in order to bring down Zionist, in so conquering the world.

Missing opinion101 02 October 2020, 02:58

He should try the American or European way... Persian/Arab/Lebanese has gotten us no where

He looks like a dumb ass in all his photos so he definitely should not be negotiating

Missing phillipo 02 October 2020, 09:01

"The Lebanese way" is not to recognise that Israel even exists, so how can they talk with her?
A very old phrase is very important here "You make peace by talking to your enemies, not your friends" How true in this case.

Thumb canadianleb 02 October 2020, 15:57

The Lebanese way is to get the bags of US$$$ first and we talk later