New Wildfires Break Out in Many Lebanese Regions


Firefighters were on Sunday combating several wildfires that erupted in the southern districts of Sidon and Tyre.

“The al-Sharhabil area northeast of the city of Sidon witnessed a blaze from the side of the town of Alman, where the flames gutted an area covered with weeds, and firefighting crews from Sidon Municipality are working on extinguishing it,” the National News Agency reported.

Another wildfire meanwhile erupted in a citruses and fruit grove in the Sidon district town of al-Babiliyeh, destroying a large number of trees and the grove’s irrigation system. Firefighters have since brought the fire under control.

A large number of trees were also gutted by flames in the Siniq area adjacent to the South highway and firefighters were combating the blaze.

Another wildfire meanwhile threatened residential buildings in the northern side of the Sidon town of Bqusta, prompting Sidon Municipality firefighters municipal police to immediately intervene and prevent the spread of flames.

In Tyre, Civil Defense crews were battling a major blaze that erupted in Tyre’s national reserve at the city’s southern seaside entrance, gutting vast areas of weeds.

Several blazes had erupted overnight in the northern region of Koura, devastating areas containing pine and olive trees and dry weeds and threatening homes in the town of Kifraya, Amioun and Ras Masqa.

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