Hizbullah Rejects 'French Stance Encouraging Insults against Prophet'


Hizbullah said Sunday that it strongly condemns the “intentional insult” against Prophet Mohammed, expressing its “categorical rejection of the official French stance encouraging these dangerous insults.”

“What was published in France harms the sentiments of more than two billion Muslims, including the Islamic and Arab expat community that has been living for decades in Europe and France,” Hizbullah said in a statement.

“All false claims about freedom of opinion and expression cannot justify the rejected insults against the Prophet of God and religions,” the party added, calling on France to “return to reason, wisdom and frank respect for religions and religious values” to “positively contribute to preventing the creation of further reasons for tension at the international level.”

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Thumb LongLiveLebanon 25 October 2020, 19:16

Hizbullah is wrong, France is only protecting its core values of freedom of expression and human rights... There is no discrimination in France against any religious community but the laws of the land must always predominate, not Shariah or any other religious rules or traditions.

Missing kazan 26 October 2020, 17:35

Agree with your comment, moreover France is going after the fanatic extremists , the honest muslims should encourage this initiative, in the past 2 decades these terrorists harmed only innocent people and ironically they harmed also the Islam

Thumb lebnanfirst 25 October 2020, 19:48

Freedom of speech trumps everything else including prophet Mohammad as well as Christian religious figures. Freedom of speech is a sacred global right for ALL humans, period.

Thumb ansarullah 25 October 2020, 22:05

God bless shia hezbollah and Iran for rejecting the French stance and for going to Syria and beheading Islamic extremists.

Shia Shia Shia !!!

Thumb janoubi 25 October 2020, 23:41

نوح زعيتر يرد على ماكرون بعد اساءته للنبي الاعظم (ص): احمق

نشر السيد نوح زعيتر على صفحته على فايسبوك:

هذا رسول الله محمدعليه الصلاة والسلام اشرف خلق الله
فمن افضل انواع المعرفة
معرفة حدودك
ايها الاحمق
اخوكم السيد نوح زعيتر

Thumb tbk28 26 October 2020, 09:44

How about no? Freedom of speech should be inalienable. The quicker we can adjust our prehistoric minds to that concept the better

Thumb doodle-dude 26 October 2020, 11:34

lol @ the shia christian of european parents from dahieh with a deep and wide luv tunnel that is open to the public 24/7.

lol @ tarikbeirut
lol @ supportbeirut
lol @ frencheagle

Thumb Geralt 26 October 2020, 12:15

I don't know which God they serve, but if God really existed He would have burned Hezbollah leaderships brains for naming a party that is dedicated to drug dealing, weapons dealing, extorsion, trafficking and other mou7aramat God set on us the believers!

Default-user-icon amazed (Guest) 26 October 2020, 14:12

Total silence from them about China's Muslim concentration camps.

The hypocrisy is too much.