Prices of Imported Foodstuffs to be Lowered


The prices of imported foodstuffs will be lowered this week, the head of the Syndicate of Importers of Foodstuff, Consumer Products & Drinks, Hani Bohsali, said on Tuesday.

“In cooperation with all importers, the syndicate is currently studying the fluctuation in the dollar exchange rate in the parallel market with the aim of re-pricing foodstuffs imported from abroad,” Bohsali said in a statement, following a recent drop in the dollar exchange rate on the black market.

He noted that the move will target items not subsidized by the Lebanese state.

“The completion of the pricing process requires some time, especially that we are witnessing rapid surges and drops in the dollar exchange rate, which complicates the process,” Bohsali added.

He also reassured that “the lowering of prices is being seriously studied and the new pricing process will be completed this week.”

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Thumb s.o.s 27 October 2020, 15:48


Thumb whyaskwhy 27 October 2020, 20:38

looooool and the lira will equal the dollar next week.....