Al-Rahi Slams Clash over Ministerial Shares, Portfolios, Veto Power


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Sunday called for the formation of “an extraordinary salvation government that can revive the country and gain domestic, Arab and international confidence.”

“All Lebanese have grown tired of waiting for a new government that relieves the country,” al-Rahi said in his Sunday Mass sermon.

He noted that “everyone knows that the formation process has been obstructed by the return to the chorus of shares, portfolios, the one-third veto power, the boosting of one camp and the marginalization of another.”

The patriarch warned that “this approach has strengthened corruption and the theft and waste of public funds while plunging the state into collapse and bankruptcy.”

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Missing rami 22 November 2020, 16:43

Je vais te chanter la ballade, la ballade des gens heureux...

Thumb s.o.s 22 November 2020, 17:22


Missing rabiosa 22 November 2020, 18:00

They are all crook and want to continue to feed of the governments tits. That's why they do not want reforms and they just want the money. if the international community has any sense, they will let the system collapse. I have been saying so for a while as it's the only solution to rid these crooks of power forever.

I read on Janoubia www. (can't find the link now) that Berri has through his henchmen employed abut 800 who get paid but do absolutely no work let alone show up. These are all in Parliament and it's various departments.

Missing kazan 22 November 2020, 18:25

every week with another outfit ! is dit a fashion show? and all his comments are window dressing.
he should not be involved in politics, but since he does it on a weekly basis, I wonder instead of talking, why doesn't he initiate real actions? I would say join the Oct. protest group, go in the streets with them, after all big part of the Lebanese do have a slavish mentality, they will listen to him , but he is not sincere, he and his family are similar to the ruling class

Thumb tric.bortugal 22 November 2020, 18:35

nice hat. Gucci?

Missing opinion101 22 November 2020, 19:51

True, talk is cheap however we need someone to voice these things regardless of how pointless they may seem

Thumb janoubi 22 November 2020, 21:51

إبنة عامر الفاخوري تكشف: والدي التقى عون وباسيل والجميع شجعه على العودةإبنة-عامر-الفاخوري-تكشف-والدي-التقى-عون-وباسيل-وال

Missing kazan 23 November 2020, 08:14

The Batrak, the Mufti,the Bishop the Druze's cheikh and maybe the Rabi are the ones who could make the difference by less easy talks and more commitments; They should go in the streets together with the oct protesters to show their support.
Your conclusion "do you want Berri etc..instead?" my answer is: this is exactly the mentality of the average Lebanese "if you don't have bread accept some crumbs"; we should not think in terms of bad is better than worse but in terms of good is better than bad.

Thumb puff 24 November 2020, 03:01

So my comment gets removed by a pro fpm at naharnet? Was it really that bad Naharnet?