Presidency Denies Allegations on Bassil's Interference in Govt Formation


The press office of President Michel Aoun described as “fabricated” some media reports claiming that the son-in-law of the President, MP Jebran Bassil, is playing a role or interfering in the cabinet formation process.

In a statement, the press office of the Presidency said: “Al-Liwaa and Nidaa al-Watan newspapers, along with other media websites, have published false information about the government formation process, by referring to a role of head of the Strong Lebanon parliamentary bloc, MP Jebran Bassil, in this process.

“This information is false and unfounded, and clearly is coordinated by well-known parties for purposes known to all,” added the statement.

The press office emphasized that “the government formation occurs by agreement between the President and the PM-designate without any role for any third party in the process."

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 30 November 2020, 16:09

People just don't get it. Bassil never wanted to be an MP, or a minister, or the head of the fpm. He was forced to do it by the millions of adoring fans. If it were up to him he would retire from politics and live off the humble inheritance his father left him in the form of 60 beach front properties in Lebanon and tens more in France, Spain, and the USA.

Thumb extraterrestrial.alien 30 November 2020, 18:57

It's embarrassing using the president's press office to lie, just to defend Bassil.

Missing samiam 01 December 2020, 09:01

So, both old man aoun and imbassil had to put statements up. Probably means that the allegations are true.