Geagea Urges Govt. to Impose 'Complete, Strict Lockdown'


Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea on Sunday called on the caretaker government to impose a “complete and strict lockdown” in the country in the face of the dramatic surge in coronavirus cases.

“In light of the very dangerous deterioration in the health situations in the country, the caretaker cabinet is required to take an instant decision for a full, comprehensive, complete and strict lockdown,” Geagea said in a tweet.

Should it fail to do so, “it will be responsible for the death of the Lebanese and the destruction of the health sector in Lebanon,” the LF leader warned.

Earlier in the day, President Michel Aoun scheduled a Monday emergency meeting for the Higher Defense Council to discuss the health situation in the country and the circumstances of the medical sector.

Lebanon had on Saturday registered a new staggering tally of 5,414 coronavirus cases while 5,440 cases were recorded on Friday.

The high tallies come in the beginning of a 25-day lockdown aimed at reining in a major spike in virus cases in the wake of the holiday season, in which tens of thousands of visitors flew into the country to celebrate Christmas and New Year's.

First responders in the country hit by a severe economic crisis say they have been transporting nearly 100 patients a day to hospitals that are now reporting near-full occupancy in beds and intensive care units.

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