Abiad Warns of ‘Tough’ Coming Weeks to Curb Virus


Dr. Firass Abiad, the Manager and CEO of state-run Rafik Hariri University Hospital said in a tweet on Friday that Lebanon faces “tough” coming weeks as the country observes a total lockdown due to an uncontrollable spike in cases.

In a series of tweets Abiad said:

The new record number of Covid deaths reported yesterday was sobering. The coming weeks will be tough. Yet, the compliance with the lockdown was encouraging.

He added that in order “to move out of our predicament with minimal losses, our efforts should be concentrated on four important topics:

Reported shortages in Oxygen for home use mean more patients will now be treated in hospitals. It will be very dangerous if hospitals, who are already overwhelmed, should also run out of medical supplies. It is important that distributors receive the promised subsidy.

Authorities and people in general should be commended on a high compliance with the lockdown. Staying at home is not easy, and many, for sure, are under huge financial and mental stress. We need to be there for each other and make this work. The lockdown can not fail.

Thinking ahead is also required. What comes after the lockdown? How can we avoid another one? This will require much planning, and a wide and relentless awareness campaign, to improve compliance. Clearly, easing the measures should not be rushed. Lessons have to be learned.

The Parliament will pass the required law and herald the arrival of the vaccine in February. Vaccine rollout will be challenging, as many countries have seen. It needs to be done right. The presentation by the national committee was promising, but proper execution will be key.

With vaccines, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Reaching it will not be easy. Sacrifices are required, and not only from healthcare workers. Yet, it can be done. Let us look forward, and support each other. Lebanon has seen darker times. This too shall pass.

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Thumb cedar 15 January 2021, 15:31

1. Compulsory 15day army run hotel qaranteen for all arrivals air, land or sea including crew.ttanwport and hotel cleaners to be tested daily.

2. Those with corona who leave their house should be put in jail for 5 years as they are literally killing people. The mask won't stop the spread in that scenario.

3. Doctors and nurses and health staff, transport staff and food delivery and taxis must do daily covid tests.

4. All covid tests must be free.

5. The lockdown needs to be 3 months minimum to work.

6. Government needs to help all those in need by providing food and medicine vouchers enough to keep people alive with basics.

All the above must be done. No shortcuts

Missing fuzzyd72 16 January 2021, 08:55

Spot on, cedar.