Health Ministry Receives Shipment of Ventilators, Oxygen Devices


The Health Ministry received at dawn Sunday 18 ICU ventilators for use in intensive care units, which are the last batch of a series of batches purchased by the Ministry in late March through the World Bank loan, the health minister’s press office said.

It added that the shipment had been delayed due to “a financial transfers problem with the importer.”

“The batch received also included high flow nasal cannula devices, which are being distributed as donations or for borrowing by private and public hospitals witnessing major pressure and showing serious cooperation for the benefit of coronavirus patients,” the office said.

It added that 48 devices will go to 25 private hospitals and 42 will go to 13 public hospitals in the various governorates.

The office also said that the ministry is awaiting the arrival soon of “an additional batch of intensive care beds and ventilators bought from the World Health Organization.”

“They will be distributed according to the same methodology to public and private hospitals,” it added.

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Missing cedars 17 January 2021, 23:21

What's the rush? Store them in sports city like the flour bags from Iraq.