Protests in Tripoli, Sidon Rejecting Lockdown Extension


A group of Lebanese blocked several roads in the northern city of Tripoli and others rallied in the southern city of Sidon protesting the authorities decision to extend the lockdown, and complaining about the dire economic conditions in the country.

The highway that links Tripoli to al-Minnieh was blocked with huge trucks, as groups of protesters from al-Beddawi camp and from Wadi Nahle sat in groups in the middle of the road.

They complained about the dire economic conditions amid lockdown measures preventing them from earning their day-by-day living.

“The majority of the Lebanese live on daily incomes, with the absence of any relief or financial aid from the state,” protesters argued.

The main Abdul Hamid Karami Square, and the Palma Bridge were also blocked.

In the center of Sidon city's Elia Square protesters gathered for the same goal.

Lebanon decided Thursday to prolong a total lockdown by two weeks to stem an unprecedented rise in coronavirus cases and protect its collapsing health sector.

The strict restrictions include a round-the-clock curfew and limit grocery shopping to home deliveries.

The complete lockdown had initially been due to run from January 14 to January 25.

But daily infection rates have remained exceptionally high and Covid-19 death tolls are spiking.

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