Health Expert: Never Despair, Better Days Lie ahead


Director of the Rafik Hariri University Hospital, Firass Abiad voiced optimism on Thursday urging virus-struck Lebanese to “never despair,” as the country witnesses a national vaccination rollout plan.

“The only way it seems to get good news about Covid and the vaccine is to shift your attention away from local news. Worldwide, Covid is on the decline. Many countries have managed to roll out the vaccine without scandal, and the results have been very promising,” said Abiad on Twitter.

“Vaccines save lives. Vaccinated individuals are extremely unlikely to develop severe Covid. More encouraging is the data suggesting vaccines are also effective in decreasing transmission. A successful vaccination drive can not only save lives, but restore economy as well,” he noted.

Abiad stated: “As more vaccines become available worldwide, and Covid infections fall dramatically, Lebanon will have access to more vaccines. Involvement of the private sector will also improve the vaccine roll out. Better news will come, though for some, it will be too little too late.”

“Yesterday, I gave a talk to NGOs working with children who have cancer. The main lesson these NGOs teach you is never despair. Hardships shall pass, and better days lie ahead. Countries too can get cancer. It too shall pass, and better days lie ahead,” the RHUH director concluded.

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Thumb lebanon_first 25 February 2021, 17:14

Really Naharnet? We have to listen daily to the wisdom of this political appointee?

Probably placed in his position as a favor to someone...

What does he know about anything?

Why dont you report that HALF the vaccines left the official route and are being done on connected individuals?