Al-Rahi Says Lebanese Can't Reach Agreement without Foreign Help


Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi on Thursday noted that he has called for an international conference on Lebanon because the Lebanese cannot reach an understanding on their own.

“We have proposed an international conference because we are incapable of reaching an understanding, organizing any dialogue or reaching an agreement with each other,” al-Rahi told a delegation from the Lady of the Mountain Gathering, the National Gathering and the National Initiative Movement, which submitted a memo to him.

“The international community is responsible for a founding and active members of the United Nations and it has to offer official and serious assistance,” the patriarch added.

He also called on all groups to “submit a paper about our problem in Lebanon to present them as a single paper to the U.N.”

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Missing kazan 25 February 2021, 18:23

True, Lebanon should be a colony, unfortunately Batrak, no country is interested having the Lebanese headache

Thumb milou 25 February 2021, 18:34

Why does the patriarch have his photo next to the Pope’s? Unacceptable if you ask me. The Pope represents 1.7 billion Christians, and the patriarch?

Missing phillipo 26 February 2021, 15:24

Is there really anyone out there who actually believes that even should an international conference reach a decision as to the make up of a future Lebanese government, all the sides concerned would actually agree to implement it? I think not.