Aoun Welcomes Pope’s Visit to Iraq


President Michel Aoun welcomed the historic visit of Pope Francis on Friday to Iraq, the National News Agency reported.

Aoun hoped the visit would constitute a push to establish real peace much-needed by Iraqis as well as the rest of the peoples of the region.

“Welcome His Holiness, Pope Francis, on the land of the Levant, the land that has always been a foothold for civilizations, religions and cultures,” said Aoun in a tweet.

“We sincerely hope His Holiness’s visit to Mesopotamia will give impetus to the establishment of real peace that the people of Iraq need as well as all the peoples of the region,” he added.

The Pope landed in Iraq on Friday to urge the country's dwindling number of Christians to stay put and help rebuild the country after years of war and persecution, brushing aside the coronavirus pandemic and security concerns to make his first-ever papal visit.

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Thumb lubnani.masi7i 05 March 2021, 14:31


Thumb gma-bs-artist. 05 March 2021, 14:43

Oh God, the senile deserter now thinks he's president of Iraq (-‸ლ) !

Thumb 05 March 2021, 15:07

“ Welcome His Holiness, Pope Francis, on the land of the Levant”

Mesopotamia isn’t the Levant, go back to school .

Thumb eagledawn 05 March 2021, 15:11

“بتبقى انت الحلم، والحلم ما بيشيخ”
الله يحميك
بي الكل
A fearless man - A real leader - A true statesman

Thumb gebran_sons 05 March 2021, 15:53

Aoun is a curse on the Christian Community similar to HizbIran who is a curse on the Shia community. The damage this duo has caused to the Christian and Shia Communities will take generations to fix. The damage to our country, democracy, independence, freedom and justice may be irreversible. They should all be rotting in prison for a grain justice to their victims.

Thumb marcus 05 March 2021, 16:07

The defender and protector of Christians worldwide has spoken....

Thumb lebanon_first 05 March 2021, 17:15

The levant, really? Irak is not the Levant...

Default-user-icon sam (Guest) 06 March 2021, 22:15

it is shame that you are still a president, the lebanese and the christian deserve better