Najem Meets Georges Abdallah in France


Lebanon’s caretaker Justice Minister Marie-Claude Najem has met with Lebanese prisoner Georges Abdallah at his prison in France, Lebanon’s National News Agency reported on Sunday.

Najem had raised Abdallah’s file in a phone call with her French counterpart in May 2020.

A statement issued by Abdallah’s family meanwhile highly appreciated Najem’s visit, hoping it will lead to positive results.

A French court in 2013 annulled a parole granted to Abdallah.

The militant was jailed for life in 1987 after being convicted in the 1982 murders of U.S. military attache Charles Robert Ray and Israeli diplomat Yacov Barsimantov.

However, in 2012, a French court granted parole for the former head of the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Faction (LARF), provided he was deported back to his home country.

Abdallah had been eligible for parole since 1999, but seven previous applications were all rejected.

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Thumb justice 21 March 2021, 20:50


What a justice minister! She should be working on releasing the hundreds if not thousands who are held without trial in Lebanese jails instead of trying to release a convicted terrorist. Justice the FPM way.....

Thumb 22 March 2021, 03:17

She’s actually in Paris for a private visit in her mansion, she’s just using this terrorist file as an excuse to travel at the Lebanese citizens’ expense.

Thumb enterprise 22 March 2021, 04:41

You did not answer his question. The Lebanese held without trial for more than 20 years is something she can make a decision on being a useless fpm justice minister instead of going to Paris to beg the French justice minister to release a terrorist. Or, in your Iranian Shia opinion those held without trial are not Lebanese and do not deserve justice.

Thumb ice-man 22 March 2021, 07:04


You seem nice enough young man, educated and focused. Are you Shia by any chance?

Thumb doodle-dude 22 March 2021, 01:36

lol @ 'Lebanese freedom fighter'
lol @ 'was wrongly convicted'
lol @ iran333!

Thumb enterprise 22 March 2021, 04:42

Yep, the pos determined that George Abdallah was wrongly convicted:)

Default-user-icon Eli (Guest) 22 March 2021, 04:26

How about the lebanese rotting in Syrian jails.. what a joke. murderers and thieves

Missing cedars 22 March 2021, 12:56

You see I would look at things in a different angle. How far is Paris in comparison to Damascus?

Those captured and disappeared in Syrian jails do not deserve a single visit from her?
Using people money she can travel to Paris under the umbrella doing her duties to release one person.