Cabinet on Mother’s Day to Discuss her Right to Grant Citizenship to Children

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The cabinet is set to tackle during its session at the Grand Serail on Wednesday the right of the Lebanese mother, who is married to a foreigner, to give the citizenship to her children.

According to As Safir newspaper, the cabinet will discuss the possibility of amending the fourth article of the citizenship law that was issued in 1925 in a way that would allow the Lebanese woman to pass her citizenship to her kids.

“There’s no political consensus over the matter, especially on the Christian level… the cabinet could refer it to a ministerial committee… the matter then could take an infinite time,” a centrist official source told the daily.

The Lebanese citizenship is transmitted by law through the father, who has the right to transmit citizenship to his children and foreign wives.

Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said that he had submit two versions of the draft law, in which one of them exempts women who are married to Palestinians.

“I don’t understand how the man has the right to pass the citizenship to his kids, while the woman is deprived from this right,” Charbel stressed.

According to the minister, the first draft law which exempts the Lebanese married to Palestinian men comes in accordance with the constitution that prevents the naturalization of Palestinians, and would allow her to pass the citizenship to her kids if the nationality of the father is issued by an internationally recognized state or does not contradict the constitution.

The second version of the draft law states that a Lebanese woman married to a foreigner has the right to pass on her nationality to her children and calls for scrapping any law that contradicts this.

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Default-user-icon Rawad (Guest) 21 March 2012, 11:12

the first version of the draft is utter nonsense! A Lebanese man married to a Palestinian woman can pass citizenship to his kids.. How can a sane person make the statement “I don’t understand how the man has the right to pass the citizenship to his kids, while the woman is deprived from this right,” and then propose the first version without realizing the inconsistency?!?!

Default-user-icon status quo (Guest) 21 March 2012, 11:16

first off all good news, so sad to hear that there is still discrimination to women who are married to palastianss...... besides men who are married with palastian women pass the citizenship through to their childeren. i can imagine how desperate that is for the women, knowing that there are a lot of lebenese women are married to palastian men...

Default-user-icon Honesty (Guest) 21 March 2012, 13:19

This is a belated step which should have been tackled even after we took independence. All children are a gift of God and should not under any pretence be disadvantaged or treated unfairly for something they didn't really initiate. I would even extend the law to encompass children of foreign parent who were born here to be granted the nationality. We pride ourselves in being a religious nation but our hearts are full of hatred and unfairness. We pretend to be religious yet our actions are further from it. Enough of discrimination in the name of God. And after all, the Lebanese nationality of not worth the ink on it unlike the good times when a lebanese passport gets you everywhere in a whisk. We always act too late causing harm to children and families like Lavrov who told assad that he made many mistakes and acted too late to quell the riots in his country.

Default-user-icon roland (Guest) 21 March 2012, 15:12

To answer the "why" question: So that the citizenship does not simply a right of marriage, and marriage then becomes simply a tactic for citizenship like in "any normal civilized country". Despite how the lebanese themselves view their citizenship, it is still widely popular amongst our neighbors, and this will certainly change everything in our demographics. We will become a country that distribute citizenship like Canada etc...., the difference here is that those "normal civilized countries" need and want immigrants, we simply don't. We don't have the space or the resources to accommodate. That being said, the birth citizenship is a right and should be respected, so I really hope that this goes through.

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 15:22

It´s ok to grant christians citizenship. armenian christians, iraqi, etc etc.
It´s ok to grant citizenship to Shia from the seven villages.

But when it comes to Lebanese women,married to "palestinians" it is noooot ok.
I can assure you, that the palestinian with Lebanese moms, are more well integrated to the Lebanese society than the Armenians and the "new Shias".
But this partly western imposed racism never ends...
..and to all you Kataeb and owet people that thinks they are well educated-----)these suggestions show you are not. You dont know anything about "hadara" and human rights. There is no difference between you and "ashraf el nas mokawame".

Missing maroungeorges 21 March 2012, 15:37

Their fathers are not lebanese, that means they are not either. DEAL with it. You will find plenty of palestinians integrated in the society, so what? They still arent lebanese. Lebanese citizenship should only be given to lebanese. Or to foreigners with lebanese mums in case their father is western or christian because there are 3 muslims for every christian in lebanon. That isent fair. And if we then start counting in the refugees and all the children of the lebanese mums who have married saudis, kuwaitis, egyptians, syrians, palestinians etc then that means soon we will be a small minority in our country.

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 17:54

PS. For readers that are "Owet" or "kataeb" or "mokawame" I apologize if you get offended by the way I write, as I´m using generalizations to make a point. Knowing that you dont think the same all of you.

Same thing about Armenians.

Thumb jcamerican 21 March 2012, 15:31

What a sick and repulsive statement you made.

Thumb thefool 21 March 2012, 16:47

People, no one is explaining this correctly.

Lebanese Mothers who are Married to a Man who is from country "x", and that country Does Not Grant Children with Mothers of that Country Citizenship, Lebanon Should Not Grant this Couple the Lebanese Citizenship. It is the law of reciprocity.

To make things Clearer. Only Arab Countries that does not grant mothers to transfer their citizenship.

Lebanon Should Grant Mothers with Foreign Husbands the Lebanese Citizenship IF & ONLY IF their Fathers are From Countries that Does the Same

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 20:46

Well, maybe that is what we have now. But because soem arab countries has stone age rules, we should not follow their example.

I can agree that countries that does not allow Lebanese to get citizenship at all, should not be able to get citizenship in our country. Like for example Saudi Arabians( like Bin talal who got a citizenship, dont ask me how).

Default-user-icon Mohammad_ca (Guest) 22 March 2012, 02:24

What does recipricity have to do with this? This is about the woman's right to naturalize her children it has nothing to do with reciprocity...

Missing minlibnan 21 March 2012, 18:44

This must be approved. It is so stupid for it not to be. Baroud started it and I hope it is finished today. And to all you guys this is not political. It is a clear right to citizenship.

Default-user-icon Born and raised in Nabatieh (Guest) 21 March 2012, 19:29

Lebanon will NEVER be a civilized country. It's the year 2012 and women still can't grant citizenship to their sons ! It's the year 2012 and we still refer to black people as "3abeed" (Slaves). It's the year 2012 and we still pay our maids a hundred dollar a month salary for her 12 hours a day work, and still beat her if she disobeys !

I love my country, but having left it to go to the REAL world to get a REAL educatin, I realized that there's no way in hell I'm going to raise my kids in that country.

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 20:14

@ Ulpianus
The Armenians migrated to Lebanon during WWI before Lebanon’s independence and before it enacted Citizenship Laws. They were also counted in the 1942 census as Lebanese living on the Lebanese soil. On Iraki Christians – who told you they became citizens...If you saw christian Irakis in Lebanon on work Visas that doesn’t mean they became citizens.
The Shiaa from the Seven villages - i am not familiar with their case - can't answer that.
For Palestinians: Constitution states Palestinians should not be Nationalized in any way or form...This serves Palestinian & Lebanese interest (Some Palestinian don’t’ want Lebanese citizenship)...Clear!!!
But it would be great if they can be given a foreign citizenship status/UN passport or whatever, thus be able to grant them Work-Visas to legally work in Lebanon - awaiting resolution of Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 20:43

I know som Iraqis that got citizenship. Anyway, they have been treated much better than the palestinians.

Im with you that Palestinians should get a special foreign citizenship status/UN passports in order to work in Lebanon.

The question was what to do with the Lebanese women that married Palestinians? Same rules should follow for everyone.

I dont question the Armenians, but there are many other minorities not getting their rights. minorities that have been in Lebanon for longer than Armenians. Just look at the kurds in Lebanon. Why dont they have a place in "parliament" like the Armenians?

Since the french came to Lebanon, muslims have been discriminated on all levels and thats a fact.

Missing roger@10452 21 March 2012, 23:06

Anyone who comes here and stays below the law should be treated fairly and with dignity as all human beings deserve this. But the story is different for the PLO's. What these thugs have tried to do in Lebanon and failed earns them a ride on a fishing boat to take them out of here. These guys do not even deserve the camps they are in today. Lebanon took them in as refugess when they sold their land to the jews, and they all turned on us. Sorry, but no mercy in this case!!!

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 20:25

To TheFool - Good point - Thumbs up!

Thumb shab 21 March 2012, 20:28

If you want Lebnanese children, then marry a Lebanese man. Period

Missing jabal 21 March 2012, 20:48

all this for a lebanese passport?? wshou 7a yotla3 menno!!

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 21:05

It has to do with what you can work with in Lebanon, plus that it helps if they want to leave the country, immigrate or for example apply for Visa to Canada:-)

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 20:55

@ Ulpianus
On the subject of Lebanese women that married Palestinian - this is a clear case of Naturalization - as some Palestinian men would use this loophole to grant citizenship to their palestinian children. A Sunni Palestinian already married to a Palestinian and having 4 kids from his Palestinian wife, would marry a Lebanese woman as a second wife, get Lebanese citizenship to his 4 Palestinian kids, and then divorce his Lebanese Women...of course the Lebanese women will be compensated for her complicity...- Multiply that by the number of Palestinian men married with children in Lebanon and you can easly see how this becomes a Naturalization scape goat.

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 21:04

eh? I hope you are kidding.
If we would make a law like that, of course we wont grant citizenship to "non biological children". You seem to invent scenarios that are not from this world. The rule of law and philosophy of law has come far longer than these simple problems.

To be clear: A child, that has a biological LEBANESE mother or father, and thus, he has Lebanese grand parents, Lebanese cousins etc etc, should not be discriminated because of politics. This child is as Lebanese as the child with a Lebanese father and a foreign mother.

Missing samertrobolse 21 March 2012, 22:09

Ulpianus, i disagree with you on your last statement. In islam, you belong to your fathers people, not to the mothers. This is because we originate from the sperm which is in the father. Hence why the fathers name is taken instead of the mothers.

Missing ulpianus 22 March 2012, 01:34

This is two different things. Religion and state with its including passports and citizenship are two different things:-)

Missing samertrobolse 21 March 2012, 22:06

anonymous, that was probably the most far fetched scenario i have ever heard lol. Levantine men (whether lebanese, palestinian or syrian) very rarely marry more than one women to begin with. Secondly, why would anyone go thrue such great lengths just to get a lebanese passport? Its not like its an american passport hahaha. Anyway, i support your first suggestion ie to give them travel documents and rights etc without naturalization, that is all they want anyways, they never ask for naturalization, they know its the best solution for both them and lebanon to not be naturalized so there really is no need to imagine such outrageous scenarios lol. Besides many lebanese women marry palestinians even with their refugee status. Most of those who got married 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 years ago are still married despite no privileges beeing given to any of the partners by the state. Believe in love :)

Thumb jcamerican 21 March 2012, 21:01

When you get this passport, you will be treated like a king. lol.

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 21:03

@ Ulpianus
If some Irakis were according to Lebanese citizenship law entitled to Lebanese citizenship then why not - I know some Egyptians & Morroccans who got Lebanese citizenship too.

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 21:05

@ Ulpianus
Kurds having citizenship is one thing - being represented in parliament is another - from your question i understand that they are already lebanese, they just don't have a MP in parliament -well for them to have a seat in parliament, there need to be at least 50,000 concentrated in one election district for them to claim a seat in parliament - i guess they haven't acheived that.

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 21:09

I´m sure they have, but there is no political will to grant them that.

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 21:07

@ Ulpianos
What scenarios - The Law as stated above did not mention anything about "Non Biological Children" - No restrictions or conditions are mentioned - so there you go, the loophole is there.
It is only you who is imagining that there is such a restriction, and that this scenario won't happen

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 21:12

We are Lebanese right? If we are discussing a law coming into being or not, we should discuss the forms of this law. For the best of Lebanon, not playing with words.
The article says the CHILDREN of a Lebanese woman married to foreign man. If you marry a man, that has children, this does not make the children yours. You can get the hadane in some cases, but that is another question and unless these questions are not answered, we dont like the proposal:-)

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 21:20

Are you to say that Adopted Children are not Her children - What a Bad thing to say - you will have scores of mothers & lawyers after you for saying such an awful thing about adopted children and their mothers. Again the law doesn't clarify if Her children means biological or adopted.
You want to add that restrictions- but again i repeat the law presented doesn't have it - and it is up for grabs.

Missing ulpianus 21 March 2012, 21:49

:-) Adoption does not function like that. Unless Lebanon has different adoption rules than the rest of the world.

My parents are divorced. My stepmom got the "hadane" but she cannot adopt me or couldnt do that.
Adoption is special rules, for special circumstances. Once you adopt, they are legally considered as your biological children.
besides, I think that Adoption is not possible under Islam,you are just able to take care of a kid, but not adopt so that problem is non existing when it comes for the Palestinians.

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 22:48

To SamerTrobolse
First of all i do beleive in love
Second of all, you should see how some people go into all sorts of schemes to get their hands on a Passport here in the States - this scenario is the easiest, especially since there is no scrutiny or follow-up by the Lebanese state in those matters.
As for why would they go into so much trouble to get their hands on a Lebanese passport, don't ask me, i was told stories how during Chamoun presidency, and later during Hraoui, when they opened Lebanese citizenship, Palestinians paid tens of thousands of USD in bribery to get their hands on don't ask me, as these people why they bothered so much.
I guess for an educated Palestinian with a family, who wishes to remain close to his family in Lebanon, and aspires to get a job in a Lebanese bank, it would be worthwhile to do so.

Missing anonymoustxusa 21 March 2012, 22:56

To SamerTrobolse
I do beleive in love :)
As to why would they go into so much trouble to get their hands on a Lebanese passport? First of all this scenario is fairly easy especially since there are no scrutiny/follow up by Lebanese state. Second: don't ask me,
Ask the palestinians who paid tens of thousands of dollars in bribery during Chamoun presidency, and later during Hraoui, Naturalization campaign.
I guess for an educated Palestinian with a family, who wishes to remain close to his family in Lebanon, and aspires to get a decent job in a Lebanese bank to improve his family condition, it is worth a whole lot.

Thumb libnani 22 March 2012, 00:31

So much sectarianism. Why can't we all be Lebanese, despite our religious beliefs?

Missing ulpianus 22 March 2012, 01:35

well, I guess we didnt learn anything from the generation before us.

Default-user-icon Mohammad_ca (Guest) 22 March 2012, 02:21

This is so sexist / racist. Why should the man being a Palestinian have the Lebanese woman's rights taken away to naturalize her children! Simply outrageous and irresponsible but did not expect anything less from his hizbolaat government...

Default-user-icon Mahmoud abdo (Guest) 27 March 2012, 13:10

انا فلسطيني ومن حقي جنسية والدتي اللبنانيه.
كفى حرمان الشعب الفلسطيني بذريعة منع التوطين.
نعم للمساواة لا للعنصريه والدكتاتوريه لبنان بلد الديمقراطية.

Default-user-icon waleed (Guest) 11 April 2014, 01:58

انا مواطن سوري لست طامعا بالجنسيه الا من اجل اطفلي لانهم عاشو وخلقو في هذا البلد وبعد ان يكبرو ويحملو الشهادات لا يجدو من يوظفهم لمن يهمهو الامر فليجعل نفسهو مكاننا

Default-user-icon Waleed (Guest) 05 April 2012, 22:06

So its all about religion , as long as you are Christian then you are welcome to be granted the Lebanese citizenship.If the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon were all Christian,they would have been granted the Lebanese citizenship long time ago .

Default-user-icon ziad yones (Guest) 17 April 2012, 12:13

كيف يعني انو امي لبنانية ولكن والدي جنسيته سورية وانا خلئت هون بلبنان ومافيني اتجنس ومتزوج وحدة لبنانية وكل هايدا لشي ومابيطلعلي جنسية والله حرام يلي عم تعملو فينا.واضعف الايمان اذا ماكانت رح تطلعلي بدي أعرف مستقبل ولادي لوبن رح يوديني ويوديهن.نحنا فعلا ببلد علماني وبلد متطور والعالم كلو بيشهد عليه.ولكن ومع كل هالشي الانسان مافي ئلو حئوئ بهالبلد.فعلا انها متاهة يستحيل فك رموزها.(عاش لبنان أولا)