Up to Speed: Workshop Summary


“I have no hard proof, but all great designers I know are great coders too” – Jad Sarout, founder of Yelo Studio

Jad Sarout, founder of Yelo Studio, gave a 3 day workshop at Seeqnce (March 21-23, 2012). The main aim of the workshop was to lay down the basic principles of coding to audience of graphic designers and eventually help attendees transform a design into actual functional web pages.

“You are not a cook if you write cookbooks only”, said Jad.

Using a number of practical examples and exercises, he emphasized the importance of having a fundamental knowledge in how to apply design across multiple screen resolutions and devices.

Moreover “web design is architecture. Like architecture you are not providing a support for message only. You are actually creating an environment for the user to live in”, said Jad.

The workshop was made up of 3 sessions.

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