Laimoon, a Fresh Way to Discover Jobs: Interview with Ramy Assaf


Laimoon, a Dubai-based startup, is an alternative to traditional job boards with a current focus on sales and marketing in UAE and Qatar. Its aim is to match applicants to relevant jobs which in effect will also match employers to relevant applicants.

The company was founded nearly 1 year ago, but the official launch was 6 months ago.

Last week we talked to Ramy Assaf, Marketing Manager at Laimoon, over Skype. Below you can find the key notes from the interview.

What makes Laimoon different?

Even though there might be 50 000 websites in the global online recruitment space, the unique process and workflow let’s Laimoon make a difference.

“A traditional job board is where applicants go and see a bunch of postings right away. It’s very easy and encouraging for them to apply to many jobs because all they need to do is click to submit a CV. That’s normally how it works”, said Ramy.

However he emphasized the following problem: “Because it’s so easy to apply, on average in the UAE a job post will attract 100 to 700 applicants. This is very painful for the recruiter in terms of deciding "Who is the right one for the job out from a pile of 700 applicants?".

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