Gemayel Calls for Participation in March 14 Rally: We’ll Never Let the Blood of our Martyrs Go in Vain


Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel called on Monday the March 14 supporters to participate in Sunday’s, saying: “The demonstration on March 13 is aimed at informing the East and West that the Lebanese people are always thirsty for freedom. They haven’t and won’t despair, they haven’t and won’t surrender.”

He stressed during a press conference: “We will confront the approaching coup that is demonstrated by Hizbullah’s arms … We will never let the blood of the Cedar Revolution martyrs go in vain.”

“We will stage a demonstration on Sunday and we say that no weapons or threats will frighten us as our faith is strong and our perseverance is stronger,” he added.

Gemayel noted: “The coup is aimed at establishing a one-sided political system, eliminating justice, and abandoning the memory of our martyrs, and we will never accept any of this.”

He added: “The resistance cannot be real and nationalistic unless it cooperates with all sides and operates under the state’s authority. “

“We are not in the position of a traditional opposition because the other camp is adopting methods that are the farthest from democracy,” he noted.

“The aims of the March 14 camp are the same as those of the Phalange Party and we cannot abandon them,” he said.

“There can be no backing down from international justice as a state cannot be established without granting justice where it is owed,” Gemayel continued.

“We don’t know what will be left of the justice system if the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is abandoned. Reconciliation can be achieved when justice is reached and the truth is uncovered,” he stated.

“Our hand is extended to the other side and we want to reach an understanding on Lebanon’s higher interest,” he concluded.

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