Hariri Urges Turnout against 'Coups, Assassinations, Tyranny'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker premier Saad Hariri noted Monday that it had been decided to commemorate the March 14 anniversary this year on March 13 as his political camp does not want to "impede the interests of the country or the people, but rather to thwart coups, assassinations, oppression, tyranny, falsehood and deceit."

"We will gather on March 13 to say yes to 'Lebanon First,' yes to the will of the people, and yes to the State," Hariri said during a meeting at the Center House with delegations from Mustaqbal Movement's educational sector; heads of the municipalities of Jbeil, Batroun, Zghorta, Koura, Dennieh, Menieh and Central Bekaa; and families from Beirut.

"Those who will gather in Freedom (Martyrs) Square on March 13 will not carry guns, but will carry the Lebanese flag and the Lebanese stance," Hariri added.

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