Online Gaming Market Booming in the Arab World


The online gaming market is booming in the Arab world, according to a statement issued last week by the Arab Advisors Group. According to the report, the number of online Arabic games went from 1 in September 2007 to 135 as documented November 2011.

The report also observed that as of late last month, the total number of users of Arabic games on Facebook averaged at 2.89 million per month.

Currently there are around 63 million internet users in the region with a penetration rate of 28.3% compared to the global average of 25.6% — over 300 percent growth in the last five years, according to Internet World Stats.

The region average daily revenue per user is among the world’s highest, according to Turkey’s Peak Games, a fast-growing social gaming company. While it is about $0.06 in the United States and Europe, it is around $0.09 in the region.

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