Italy Beats World Record With 600-Meter Sausage


Italy Sunday snatched from Romania the record for the production of the world's longest sausage when a team of pork butchers crafted a delicacy more than half a kilometer long, the ANSA news agency reported.

Alberto Della Pelle from Penne, a small town in central Italy, helped by nine colleagues, created a sausage 597.8 meters (1,961 feet) long in the main street.

It was officially measured and declared to have beaten easily the previous Romanian record-holder, only 392 meters (1,286 feet) in length.

The monster sausage will be sliced to fill 6,000 sandwiches which will be sold to raise funds for the charity Caritas.

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Default-user-icon katey (Guest) 23 December 2013, 05:26

EWWW that look so nasty :(