Russian Toddler Survives Six-Floor Trash Chute Fall


Russian investigators launched a probe Wednesday against a couple suspected of throwing their toddler into a trash chute from the sixth floor of an apartment building.

The two-year-old survived the fall down the narrow chute and neighbors discovered him on the trash heap of the apartment building in the northwestern city of Saint Petersburg on Tuesday after they heard him crying.

The boy suffered concussion, a broken leg and several other injuries and was hospitalized in a state of shock, investigators said.

"Obviously he could not have got into the trash chute by himself," the spokesperson for Saint Petersburg investigators told Agence France Presse.

The boy was in the care of his 42-year-old grandmother, who was found drunk in the sixth-floor apartment she shares with a 34-year-old man, he said.

The charge of attempted murder of a minor could lead to a life sentence.

About 100,000 children are victims of violence in Russia every year according to a UNICEF report.

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