Army Arrests Lebanese, Syrian Transferring Arms

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army intelligence detained on Saturday a Lebanese citizen and a Syrian national who were transferring arms in Brital, the National News Agency reported.

According to NNA, Lebanese Ahmed D. is from the eastern border town of al-Tufail and the Syrian national from al-Kahloun family.

The report said that the two were transporting weapons, silencers, ammunition and sniper rifles from the town of Ain al-Jawze in Brital.

Syria and Lebanon on Wednesday traded accusations about cross-border violations, each saying the other had breached their shared frontier.

The Lebanese-Syrian border area is used by smugglers and by Syrians fleeing the violence in their country to Lebanon.

Lebanon and Syria share a 330-kilometer border but have yet to agree on official demarcation.

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Default-user-icon Evelyn (Guest) 28 July 2012, 22:11

How much weight do you have to lose to go a clothing size down?

Thumb makhaleh 28 July 2012, 22:48

common go stop hizballahs arms first not 2 guys

Thumb makhaleh 28 July 2012, 22:49

i meant come on

Missing samiam 29 July 2012, 00:43

stop the flow of arms both ways

Missing the_cow_is_ok 28 July 2012, 23:22

Pity the nation with one sided biased army command. HA are sending hundreds of militant thugs into syria and the army didn't move a finger. Taking sides will eventually backfire.

Thumb shab 29 July 2012, 03:47

It's a real problem, so many Syrian Zionist Army soldiers are getting fired back at and killed. Not exactly what they are trained for. Shooting at unarmed civilians is what they know best.

Missing phillipo 29 July 2012, 14:41

Excuse me but which Syrian Zionist Army are you refering to?

Thumb andre.jabbour 29 July 2012, 05:47

How can they intercept a couple of individuals (easy targets) and let in trucks loaded with rockets and missils?

Shame shame shame!

Thumb makhaleh 29 July 2012, 09:36

i am with you why is it HA allowed to fight for assad and send units into syria but we cant let syrians and other nationals into syria to fight the assad regime....oh ya syria still controls lebanon i forgot

Thumb whyaskwhy 29 July 2012, 10:21

This is not an approved arms delivery by Hizballah hence is

Thumb lebanon_first 29 July 2012, 10:23

Anybody has info on HA fighters in syria? Are they fighting on the ground? how many people?

Thumb makhaleh 29 July 2012, 16:47

i heard it was a full brigade of some couple of hundred i dont know if its true bass why wouldnt it be they r pretty much pro assad