Bulgaria 'Close' to Releasing Image of Bomber Who Killed 6 Israelis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Bulgarian Tourism Minister Delian Dobrev said on Tuesday forensic experts were close to producing an image of the suicide bomber who killed six people in an attack on Israelis at a Black Sea resort.

"The investigation into the attack is making progress and we have succeeded in recreating 95 percent of the face of the murderer," Israeli President Shimon Peres' office quoted Dobrev as telling his host during a meeting in Jerusalem.

"Within a few days you will receive full pictures of the terrorist, those who sent him and his accomplices," Dobrev was quoted as saying.

He added that inquiries showed the bomber had been in Bulgaria for about 20 days when he blew himself up on a bus packed with Israelis at Burgas airport, killing five Israelis and the Bulgarian driver.

He said an intensive hunt was underway for more accomplices.

Soon after the July 18 bombing, authorities released closed circuit television footage from the airport of a long-haired young man dressed like a tourist whom they believe was the suicide bomber.

Galina Mileva, the coroner who examined the attacker's remains, put his age at "between 25 and 30-something" and said the bomber had "fair skin" but could have been of Arab origin.

Israel has blamed Iran and its Lebanese ally Hizbullah. Iran has denied any involvement.

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