Report: FSA Gunmen Kill Lebanese Man

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Lebanese man was killed and his brother injured after coming under fire by members of the rebel Free Syrian Army in the northeastern border town of al-Tufail, Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) reported on Wednesday.

VDL said Abdullah Hassan Murad, 45, died while his brother Mamdouh was wounded after FSA gunmen opened fire on them after midnight Wednesday.

The brothers hail from the town of Ham.

The report came a few days after the Lebanese Army said FSA members attacked a Lebanese military post on Friday night also near the northeastern border with Syria.

It said in a communique that for the second time in less than a week, FSA gunmen entered Lebanese territory through the outskirts of Arsal, where they attacked the Army post.

The military sent reinforcements to the area after the incident and vowed to prevent the use of Lebanese territory to implicate Lebanon in the regional turmoil.

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Default-user-icon read it and weep (Guest) 26 September 2012, 09:45

that's where you're wrong - the army should fire upon anyone who violates lebanese territory, and you'll find the majority will agree with me. unlike you apologists who defend syrian state attacks on our country as if they were blessings

Thumb Chupachups 26 September 2012, 12:29

Exactly !

And naharnet, I don't appreciate my
Comments getting deleted

Thumb Chupachups 26 September 2012, 12:29

Exactly !

And naharnet, I don't appreciate my
Comments getting deleted

Missing rudy 26 September 2012, 18:00

really naharnet

free speech, rings a bell?

Thumb slash 26 September 2012, 10:25

la2 ya ahbal we wont defend them the same way you did when the syrian army was killing lebanese ;)

Thumb slash 26 September 2012, 10:25

their fathers were called the syrian army under hafez rule , the same regime you defend ;)

Thumb ado.australia 26 September 2012, 17:56

Slash, why do you embaress yourself with those comments? The same people that raped and pillaged lebanon during the 70s, 80s & 90s were not sectarian shite or allawites. They were the same type of people that are your fsa. they are the same Syria. Look at Libya and Egypt, they are so grateful and respectfull for the western support.

There is only one side that believes all non believers are infidels and should be killed. In sydney, they were even so proud to have a 3 year old baby boy holding a sign that said " behead all those that don't respect the prophet"! The ninja mother was so proud of her son that she took a photo of him holding that sign!

Your support of these people prove that you are an imposter!

Thumb slash 27 September 2012, 08:44

Ado why you you embarase yourself , those you call FSA were under Hafez or let us say it that way under Al Assad Orders they didnt act alone , they had orders from the supreme power in Syria and it was Hafez, and thank you for telling me this about the 3 years old child , but let me remind you that the first conference Ahmedinjihad made in public in tehran university was about :"the world without Jews" pretty surprising for a new elected president

Thumb slash 27 September 2012, 08:50

so when you portray a muslim woman by "ninja" becasue she is a sunni , the shi3as in Iran arent better we can call them "ninjas" too if that is your level of perception... and tell me why you should look always at foreign countries in bad exemples ? what do you know about what have been done lately in egypt compared to Lebanon ? they are still forming the oil comitte from 2 years (Bassil let me remind you ) while the new elected egyptian president didnt complete his 100 days and already signed a contract with samsung to open the biggest factory in egypt on 1 condition that 70% f the workers should be egyptian ... dude the imposters are you and your likes , thanks for giving me the possibility to tell you this without attacking you on a personal level !

Missing roger@10452 26 September 2012, 11:08

FSA or not, if they kill lebanese then they hang the SOB's...

Missing rudy 26 September 2012, 11:25

unlike you, we dont think our future is linked to a certain group. when someone has righteous demands, we support these demands, when they mess up, we blame them for their mistakes, and dont follow them blindly

Thumb slash 26 September 2012, 11:57

haha nahrnet with their farsis admins , let me repost again my answer to the Idiot something that looks like a human being called Karim : we wont defend them ya ahbal like you did when the syrian army was shelling lebanese villages and killed your own country men !

Missing rudy 26 September 2012, 12:29

aslan aslan, karim w ft, shou 3arrafkoun enno FSA? natarto el te72i2 shi?

Thumb slash 26 September 2012, 13:50

la2 Mowaten , we are using the same arguments you used when the syrian army was killing lebanese , you see it is upseting no !

Missing rudy 26 September 2012, 17:23

Thank you slash, my point exactly.

Default-user-icon ScepticSkeptic (Guest) 26 September 2012, 13:08

How do they know it's the FSA? Because Assad told them? Because Nasrallah said so? Because the "Axis-of-Resistance" had decreed it so? And of all places, Arsal - where Bashar's army had bombed the land numerous times before. Let's hear the FSA command officially take claim for this "incursion" first, before pronouncing them guilty as charged.

Missing hitech 26 September 2012, 13:42

Why are the supprters of the revolution in Syria silent? Where is Jumblat and Al Mustaqbal? Why isn't the FSA leadership condemning these attacks? Everyone knows that now in Syria everyone with a gun is called FSA, but that does not mean that the real leadership should not condemn these attacks. Our dignity and sovereignty is the responsibility of every leader and no one should stay silent when they are compromised.

Missing peace 26 September 2012, 20:15

and where are you when syria bombs lebanese villages?

Thumb slash 26 September 2012, 15:30

btw ya ahbal it may be the pro regime militias , you didnt think about this one nope ya ghabei ?

Thumb thepatriot 26 September 2012, 20:01

... and maybe the victim is hezbollah... Why would fsa kill an innocent farmer at the first place...?

Missing peace 26 September 2012, 19:45

look how some pro syrian , trying to teach us lessons, defend the syrian regime... but NO COMMENT when syria is shelling lebanese villages in the north...we see where their loyalty lies, to the regime they thanked in 2005 for all the good things they did to lebanon and which they regret now.....

Thumb extramildcake 26 September 2012, 22:57

No FSA, no SAA, no IDF, and no 8/14 will touch my army.