An "e-artist", With an Innovative World, Concept Songs and Daring Technology Partnerships!


LAMICE embodies a new generation of "e-artists" whose creations are only available on the internet, through her page, a press release said Wednesday.

Energetic believer and multi-talented, she puts her music art to light in an innovative way thanks to the technologies.

Her first e-singles are accompanied by two innovative concepts, a “multi-language” Karaoke version of "SUMMER DAYS" to perform the song in 4 languages in a row (English, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian). And a "Sing & Cook" offer in partnership with and its iOS & Android apps "100 Lebanese Recipes" (English, French, Arabic, German and Spanish):

LAMICE composes since the age of 16. Her atypical course led her to manage both a business consultant career and her passion for Music.

As an expatriate of Lebanese origin, living in France, LAMICE advocates music without borders, without labels, influenced by many styles, the press release added.

Her song "SUMMER DAYS" flirts with Western and Oriental pop, Latino rhythms, and electronic vibes for the remix.

"MOVE ON" mixes pop and oriental sounds; LAMICE found herself in our modern world where technology transcends geographical borders. She collaborated, virtually and in person, with professionals around the world (France, USA, Lebanon, UAE, Germany, Venezuela, Spain and Brazil).

LAMICE prefers to talk about her songs instead of herself. This is why LAMICE decided, for now, not to appear.

She would like people to focus on the values and the messages of her songs. And also to leave room for the public, on universal matters: friendship, will, self-transcendence... LAMICE also wants to highlight the creativity and innovativeness of her collaborators.

LAMICE found, through her music, a field of expression interactive, optimistic and full of hope.

LAMICE’s first e-single "SUMMER DAYS" is a message of open mindedness and positive thinking, built around the base of true friendship.

A group of young, tanned, happy and eager international expatriates, drawn together by the similarity of their countries at war gave life to the song "SUMMER DAYS" in Cyprus during the summer.

Despite their different backgrounds and upbringing, their bond was able to transcend all racial and religious beliefs, binding their hearts together through their passion for music under the breathtaking heat of summer.

When the time came to share their goodbyes, the realizations that music brought them together came to light, but the world and circumstances would make it difficult for them to keep in touch within this uncertain future.

They came together at their farewell evening and penned the song "SUMMER DAYS", etching their friendship and affirming their confidence to always preserve it.

- Original orchestration "World pop": Alain Sawaya, well-known African-Lebanese producer.

- Remix "Electro-House": Julien Majorel, rising French DJ.

Music video direction : Franck Janin |


LAMICE’s second e-single is a call to move forward in life, whatever the circumstances.

The video depicts one of those moments in life where the individual, filled with passion and courage,

participates in a competition where facing criticism is sometimes harsh, unjust and disrespectful. This is an unconventional version of a "reality talent show" presented as the footage of a dance casting.

The jury is represented uniformly. They are supportive because they are conscious and respectful of the courage of these candidates who are honest, faithful and true to themselves. Whatever the results of the casting, life goes on and they will continue to move on!

« SUMMER DAYS » has already reached a great success in the Middle East region, in all media:

- TV and Radio : MTV Liban, Mazzika TV, Dubai One TV, Future TV, NRJ radio, RadioOne, Melody FM ...

- Press :

- Sing & Cook:

The buzz is well underway on the Internet: more than 40 000 fans on Facebook.

"MOVE ON" is now available online!

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