18th-Century French Chateau Razed 'by Mistake'


Residents of a sleepy French village in Bordeaux have been left dumbfounded after discovering their local 18th-century chateau was completely bulldozed "by mistake."

The mayor's office in Yvrac said Wednesday that workers who were hired to renovate the grand 13,000-square-meter (140,000-square-foot) manor and raze a small building on the same estate in southwest France mixed them up.

"The Chateau de Bellevue was Yvrac's pride and joy," said former owner Juliette Marmie. "The whole village is in shock. How can this construction firm make such a mistake?"

Local media reported that the construction company misunderstood the renovation plans of the current owner, Russian businessman Dmitry Stroskin, to clean up the manor and restore it to its former baroque glory.

Stroskin was away when the calamity occurred and returned home to discover his chateau, a local treasure boasting a grand hall that could host some 200 people, as well as a sweeping stone staircase — was nothing but rubble.

"I'm in shock ...I understand the turmoil of the community," local media quoted Stroskin as saying.

He told them he plans to build an exact replica of lost manor on the site.

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Missing sikoflebanon 06 December 2012, 22:08

He dozed it because one of his ancestors' castle was burnt down by the Count of Bellevue. Revenge!!!

Thumb ghada12 07 December 2012, 07:34

a mistake my foot! the minute I read that the owner is now russian I figured the guy wants to turn it into a 20th century brothel/hotel now. if the inhabitants loved it so much they shouldn't have sold it to a russian. when we sell lebanon we do it by batches, saudis get a piece, iran gets a piece, syria gets a piece, now the vatican got a piece...this way they can't destroy the whole country, just pieces.