Lebanese Gives Hope to HIV, Hepatitis C Patients with 'Groundbreaking Cure'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Suleiman Jean al-Kettani held a press conference Friday at the Press Club revealing his new organic and pioneering cure for patients with Hepatitis C and HIV, patented by the European Patent Office, and pending patent by the U.S. Patent Office, state-run National News Agency reported.

According to reports by French Hospital Salpetriere Pitie, clinical and lab tests proved a staggering 70% to 90% decrease of virus in blood and up to a 30% increase in immunity, NNA said. 

The new remedy has no side effects and contains zero toxins, the agency added.

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Thumb ghada12 08 December 2012, 06:26

that would be wonderful, I hope it's true

Missing servant-of-jesus 08 December 2012, 08:05

naaahh... too good to be true.

Default-user-icon rabih (Guest) 08 December 2012, 12:41

Some references would be useful! In which peer-reviewed journal was his work published?!

Default-user-icon Monkey Magic (Guest) 08 December 2012, 14:00

He won't live to see this through. You actually think they don;t already have a cure! They are trying to reduce the world population not increase it! The US/UK will wipe this guy out...if not now then in 20 years! Doesn't matter...you will not see this cure make it to the shelf. You will hear soon the guy died in a car accident or died in a plane crash or has gone MISSING...lol. Actually it's not funny. We live in a sad place guys. Oh and by the way why has this not made headlines around the world? Ahhh who controls the media? Oh that's right. :)

Default-user-icon TheGoodOne (Guest) 29 December 2012, 03:25

if you had a cure.. why not just share it with the world? youll make millions off your book.

Imagine holding sill people hostage for money...