MP Saqr Reveals Demands by Rebels to Release Pilgrims as Reports Say Hizbullah Imprisoning Syrians

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Mustaqbal MP Oqab Saqr stressed that the abductors of nine Lebanese pilgrims in Syria are offering a deal to free the men in exchange for the release of Syrian political prisoners as media reports said on Monday that Hizbullah allegedly has set up a jail in the Bekaa for Syrians infiltrating the country.

Saqr said during an interview with al-Jadeed channel on Sunday night that the kidnappers of the Lebanese men, who were abducted on May 22 in Syria, demand the release of all Syrian political prisoners in Damascus and in Lebanon to free the pilgrims.

Ali Zgheib, who is among the nine men kidnapped by Syrian rebels, called last week in a tape released by the rebels in the Syrian town of Aazaz on Saqr to negotiate their release.

He pointed out that the Lebanese government “has set up secret camps for prisoners of conscience from Syria and Arab and Islamic states.”

According to Saudi al-Watan newspaper published on Monday, Hizbullah is detaining Syrians infiltrating into Lebanon in a ranch in the area of al-Qasr in the Bekaa region in eastern Lebanon.

Security sources told the daily that Hizbullah is coordinating with Syrian intelligence concerning the matter, in which detainees are being tortured to extract confessions on the reasons behind entering Lebanon and if they belong to the Free Syrian Army.

Zgheib said the prisoners are being treated the same way political detainees are treated in jails run by President Bashar Assad regime.

Abou Ibrahim, the head of the so-called Northern Storm Brigade, kidnapped eleven Lebanese pilgrims in the northern province of Aleppo in May as they were returning home from Iran.

One abductee was released in August and another was set free in September.

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Thumb geha 10 December 2012, 10:10

in the first place, who is hizbushaitan to set up prisons in Lebanon?
why are they emprosoning Syrians there?
this is the government role if they deserve to be jailed to jail them and not this filthy Iranian militia.

Thumb geha 10 December 2012, 14:58

all your reply to my comment is besides the point! if you have something to say let it be about what I said.
in the first place, who is hizbushaitan to set up prisons in Lebanon?
why are they emprosoning Syrians there?
this is the government role if they deserve to be jailed to jail them and not this filthy Iranian militia.

Thumb andre.jabbour 11 December 2012, 07:08

this is SHOCKING. If we cannot deal with such terrorism ourselves, we're going to require a full scale invasion from our allies to free us from Hizbocrap terrorists.

Missing reformist 10 December 2012, 10:25

lek cha'fet kezzeb who contradicted himself men ba3d ma 7alaf enno he has nothing to do with weapons...
How can ANYONE believe such a thing?

Missing lebanese_uae 10 December 2012, 12:48

it seems you didn't read the full story..
your master are the liers.. go and read what happened next and then come back to comment.

Missing reformist 10 December 2012, 12:54

Please enlighten us :) Cheap comments are easy and bring zero value!

Missing reformist 10 December 2012, 12:56

Oh now I get it! The milk story? That YOU believe and also the story about HA prisons that YOU believe? hahaha
You are right I didn't read the full story ;)
Lek the guy admits to have sent weapons and then talks about M I L K ? hahahahaha

Missing reformist 10 December 2012, 13:01

Just to complete the story... A few days ago :

Days after the media began circulating the sound bites, Sakr verified the authenticity of the tapes and said: “That is my voice and these are my words.”
Speaking to pan-Arab Ash-Sharq al-Awsat, the MP said: “Yes. This is my voice and those are my words. I am not in the habit of denying my words or voice and I am not ashamed of what I have done and am doing.”

He added that he was ready to face any legal measures against him.

Missing reformist 10 December 2012, 13:04

Another one ya lebanese :)
After Al-Akhbar published authenticated recordings that documented Future MP Okab Sakr’s role in providing arms to Syrian rebels, the MP has concocted his own recordings. With the help of audio experts, Al-Akhbar easily confirmed that Sakr’s recordings, which portray him as the humanitarian savior of Syrian revolutionaries, can hardly pass muster.
Want more? ;)

Missing allouchi 10 December 2012, 19:43

reformist, you beleive Aoun don't you???

Missing mohammad_ca 10 December 2012, 12:51

are you for real?

Thumb Elemental 10 December 2012, 13:35

Again more Iranian's acting this is their land...second if nobody took sides we wouldn't be in this mess.

Missing reformist 10 December 2012, 13:06

hahaha :
When the New York Times, Time Magazine, The Times, The Guardian, and Le Figaro, all ran stories confirming that “Saudi Arabia’s man, Okab Sakr,” was supplying Syrian militants with money and weapons, Sakr remained silent. He swallowed up his bile, only to vomit it out on Thursday, in the form of 15 words of folly, ten words of lies, eight words of sheer stupidity, and four words of blind hatred."

Yes yes we are hiding jails and you have the proof of it ;)

Missing reformist 10 December 2012, 13:15

ktiiiiiiiiiiiir awe el zalame!!!
Sakr continued, saying that he had contacted media outlets telling them that yes he was involved, "I fooled you all with your lies so that you would continue drowning. I watched you all go down from a hotel room and not from a military operation room," he said.

Missing allouchi 10 December 2012, 14:50

I hope it's true that Mr. Saqr is supplying the FSA with least he's not committing anything illegal on Lebanese soil like Hizb and his M8 cronies are doing...How can some people call themselves Lebanese and allow a Farsi militia to create a state within a state??? the amazing logic of M8...

Missing allouchi 10 December 2012, 17:48

ft, dream on...who is defending hizbala now? it's M8 cronies...Berri has no choice, SSNP are Syrian hired assassins, your general Aoun lost his mind when he lost the presidential chair and decided to sit on Hassoun'a cannot deny the truth...

Missing peace 10 December 2012, 22:22

"it wasnt M8 who allowed the creation and the thriving of hezbollah, it was your own masters hariri and sanioura and all the forces who later became M14. review your history and who was the chief ally of hezb in the 90's."

LOL funny FT using arguments that have nothing to do with what allouchi writes... to refresh your memory everyone in lebanon approved hezbollah in fighting against israel because at the time they promiised to disband once israel would leave and hand their weapons to the army... remember?
but the day hezbis started to become a state within the state and spitting on lebanese laws, yes only M14 stood against them! even your orangina now licks their shoes after telling they were terrorists...
so live in the present baby boy and you ll realize hezbis work only for the interests of iran and syria not lebanon...

Default-user-icon accountability (Guest) 10 December 2012, 15:33

if they are your lebanese pilgrims, go back to iran, and take them with you; we like to drink aarak and chivas in Lebanon, which is no place for armed mercenaries, I mean...pilgrims!

Missing peace 10 December 2012, 22:15

funny M8ers.... they are ready to believe all that alakhbar writes knowing it is pro hezbollah thus not objective and deny what a saudi paper writes which is also not objective...
it shows one thing: they are ready to believe what suits them best!
when wikileaks reveal things against M14 they believed it but when it came to M8 they denied it....

any way, hezbollah is totally capable of helping bashar secret intel in catching syrians in lebanon! why deny it? why deny the obvious? that hezbis are helping bashar? are they so ashamed of that? lol

oh! i see, it is just to say that only M14 is involved in syria and that M8 is totally neutral and don t mix in syrian affairs... and they sincerely want people to believe tham? what a farce... they just look more ridiculous by the day....

Thumb shab 10 December 2012, 22:38

Filthy militia

Missing whatdidusay 11 December 2012, 04:33

So you do acknowledge a state within a state????

Thumb andre.jabbour 11 December 2012, 07:10

By Xmas 2013, these pro terrorism Naharnet participants will be silenced because we're going to give them over to Syria. Let them judge them for their crimes in Syria.