Normal Life Returns in Tripoli as Army Enters Tense Areas for 1st Time

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Life on Monday began to return to normal in the northern city of Tripoli, which witnessed a week of deadly clashes between gunmen from rival neighborhoods, after the Lebanese Army deployed in the tense areas for the first time.

The Army, which was given on Sunday the political green light to implement a security plan, began to restore law and order in the city by deploying in the neighborhood of Jabal Mohsen and entering Bab al-Tabbaneh for the first time on Monday morning.

It conducted patrols in Syria Street, which separates the warring neighborhoods, and in the main road that links Tripoli to the northern district of Akkar.

The Army also set up checkpoints as gunmen began to withdraw from the streets on Sunday when the military was empowered by the Higher Defense Council to beef up security in Tripoli.

The Army Command reiterated its request from all citizens to abide by the instructions of the armed forces and put the interest of Tripoli before anything else.

It also warned in a communique that the Army will “firmly confront those who tamper with security no matter to which party they belong to by arresting them and handing them over to the competent judiciary.”

An Nahar newspaper said that the meeting of the HDC was aimed at giving the Army a new push along with security forces to take decisive measures against fighters.

It quoted sources as saying that President Michel Suleiman, who chaired the meeting at Baabda palace, informed the Council that he would hold a series of phone conversations with Tripoli officials, including lawmakers, who have influence on the fighters.

Prime Minister Najib Miqati also told An Nahar that agreement was reached to implement a new security plan to end the bloodshed. He did not give further details.

On Monday, cars drove through the roads of the tense areas and residents began opening their shops and companies. But schools remained shut.

Tripoli has been the scene of frequent sectarian clashes between the Alawite sect of Syrian President Bashar Assad and Sunnis.

The gunbattles, which broke out over reports that Lebanese men were killed after entering Syria to fight alongside the rebel Free Syrian Army, have left scores of people dead and injured.

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Thumb mckinl 10 December 2012, 10:24

At last good news ...

"Upon deployment, Jabal Mohsen residents went out on to the streets to welcome the troops, with some offering soldiers the traditional Manqoushe, a baked flatbread topped with cheese or thyme." daily star

Now on to the business as to who recruited these youths from Bab al-Tabbaneh to fight in Syria and who was behind the attacks from Bab al-Tabbaneh. Sources say that jihadists were recruited from outside Bab al-Tabbaneh to organize the incident and escalate the fighting.

Default-user-icon patron (Guest) 10 December 2012, 10:48

Of course they are being greeted with joy, for a few more days the only thing that will be baked is their flatbread bodies topped with dirt. Ouch.

Thumb Elemental 10 December 2012, 10:39

Let's see how long it lasts.

Thumb JabalElFersan 10 December 2012, 10:39

Lets hope that all external meddling stops in these two neighborhoods. Both sides of Syria Street residence suffer equally from these violent outbreaks, in actual fact they share the same substandard living conditions being poverty, lack of education & infrastructure and unemployment. External meddlers are abusing the vulnerability of both sides by using them to recruit fighters and incite hatred. Both these sides are victims of their circumstance.

Missing rimkiezel 10 December 2012, 11:56

It's time for the government and the private sector to start investing in the underprivilaged areas in lebanon (including the palestinian camps), provide them with schools, hospitals, a better chance at life than what they've been given so far. It's the only way to avoid falling into vicious cycle of extremism... it's also the right thing to do...

Missing peace 11 December 2012, 00:14

waw, you wish to nuke christians too? what a smart comment....

Default-user-icon Bolka (Guest) 11 December 2012, 07:02

Ashrafieh leave whatever dRugs you are on and try to make it back to earth, just stupid, chouf5 3a 3adrab, w peace, we are in 21st century buddy , christan , muslim, whatver all LeBANESE gringo.