Jumblat Criticizes Govt. Inaction over New Wage Scale, Urges it to Seek Reform

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Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat hoped on Monday that the government would take “bold and decisive” measures to halt corruption and the squandering of public funds.

He asked: “Why is the cabinet shying away from its responsibilities in tackling the new wage scale?”

He made his remarks in his weekly editorial in the PSP-affiliated al-Anbaa website.

He also criticized the delay in tackling the electricity problems in Lebanon.

“Where are the power-generating vessels we have been promised?” he asked.

“The government has instead been leaning towards taking reckless decisions, which should they be approved, would have catastrophic repercussions on the environment and real estate sector in Lebanon,” he noted.

“Isn't the government better off taking more radical measures in fields such as the ownership of marine property or smuggling operations at the Beirut airport and port?” asked Jumblat.

“These operations are worth millions of dollars and being cover up by influential powers that are denying the treasury of great income,” said the MP.

“Why doesn't the cabinet radically reconsider the taxation policy in order to achieve social justice?” he suggested.

“The state must assume its responsibilities in full and implement reform,” declared the PSP leader.

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Thumb geha 10 December 2012, 16:39

you support this cabinet of thieves who does not care about anything else but to steal our money, and when there is no direct benefit to these guys, they just do not care.

Thumb geha 10 December 2012, 18:08

it is all over the news how much they are getting from the port and for years now aside from many other things they are exposing themselves!
do you have a problem with that?
if you do, tell them to hide it next time :)

Default-user-icon Salompas Sohott (Guest) 11 December 2012, 08:22

Did "Walid" call you back? Would you say "Walid" (apparently, your close freind, and thus the first name calling between you two) supported the cabinet of the "who knows where the 60 billion went" or the "who knows how the 11 billion were spent" or you know already where ever penny went? Let us know what the response is when your hombre "Walid" replies to you. Bests!

Thumb thepatriot 11 December 2012, 10:41

your precious government spent even more Salompas... they are a record breaker...not only they spent 14B, but we are in the worst economical situation ever...well...who would invest in hezbozos land!

Default-user-icon Dgiameela (Guest) 11 December 2012, 13:28

My friend, Christine Lagarde, aka thepatriot aka theeconomist apparently knows where to get fancy numbers from. More importantly, he/she knows the difference between spent and went (i.e. gone, vanished, disappeared, pocketed as usual by the usual mafia, swallowed...). Thank you, Christine.

Thumb lebanon_first 10 December 2012, 17:34

it is good that the grand theft HA is doing in the port is being exposed and discussed systematically nowadays.

Thumb thepatriot 11 December 2012, 10:44

yes lebfirst...and the Grand Michel Aoun, prince of (diss)honesty is not very chatty on the mater...:)

Missing samiam 11 December 2012, 13:08

I think it is more Amal than HA; in any case, since this country is in the top fifty in the list of most corrupt countries, the more stories like this that come out, the better. Maybe something will be done down the line.

Thumb thepatriot 11 December 2012, 14:11

dgiameela...it was dicussed in parliament and was all over the news habibi... :)