Lebanese Lawyer Files 'Genocide' Case against Syria's Shaar

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A Lebanese lawyer said he filed a lawsuit on Monday against Syrian Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar, accusing him of having ordered hundreds of killings in the northern city of Tripoli in 1986.

Lawyer Tareq Shandab said he filed the case as Shaar is currently undergoing treatment at the American University Hospital for light wounds from a December 12 suicide bomb attack on the interior ministry in Damascus.

The case accuses Shaar, who in 1986 was in charge of security in Tripoli, of "genocide, ethnic cleansing, political assassination and the killing of religious officials and children in Bab al-Tebbaneh, Tripoli, in 1986," he told AFP.

It alleges that Shaar and his aides along with "criminal" Lebanese accomplices on December 19, 1986 "killed and slaughtered more than 600 people from the Tebbaneh district."

At the time, Lebanon was immersed in a bloody civil war that broke out in 1975 and left some 150,000 people dead over 15 years.

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Thumb shab 24 December 2012, 19:05

and? will anybody care that mass murders are residing in Lebanon? And they want more tourists

Default-user-icon Propaganda Spotter (Guest) 24 December 2012, 19:53

... for light wounds? If his wounds were light, why was he transported to a hospital in Lebanon? Any hospital anywhere can take care of "light wounds". Does anyone still fall for this kind of propaganda?

Thumb kanaandian 24 December 2012, 21:18

Was Bab al Tabbane the same in 1986 as it is in 2012?

Missing gabby12 24 December 2012, 23:07

File charges on the Lebanese accomplices too.

Thumb LebDinosaur 25 December 2012, 05:50

Get him. Why not.

Missing cedars 25 December 2012, 06:38

Get him before he leaves Lebanon just like Hezballah kidnapped Maqdessi and delivered him to the Shabiha upon his attempt to leave from Beirut Airport.

Default-user-icon 3akkariandproud (Guest) 25 December 2012, 10:43

Sure, it need to catch him but who dare??? you need permission from the Army! (I mean from arms holders)- what a country!!! we are ashamed of it instead to be proud.

Thumb whyaskwhy 25 December 2012, 17:55

Sadly they cannot touch him as Hizballah and Clown will both scream foul!
Iran will also not be too happy if he is arrested the question is though why is he in Lebanon and not Iran?